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Grabbing a photo as we step into the Infinity Room for our 45 second visit.
Door closed, not many lights on at first...
Peggy ahead of me, taking video. Lights getting brighter.
LIghts starting to glow more brightly.
Switching to the D800e with the superwide. Lots of bright lights now!
Looking to the left, surrounded by the twinkling lights.
Inside the Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts
45 seconds per visit, one visit per admission. Worth the $13 admission each! Peggy shot video while I took stills. Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Nikon D800e, 16mm f/2.8.
Getting the floor and ceiling in one view with the superwide (16mm f/2.8) on the D800e.
Turning to the right at myself to the side of the Infinity Room.
Lights now full brightness as Peggy and I enjoy the last few seconds in the Infinity Room.
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