2022 May Oahu by Willis Chung
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Day 1 Bishop Museum Quick Visit
Day 1 Hawaii State Art Museum
Day 0 Laylow Waikiki Short Stay
2022 May Oahu
2019July American Heritage Museum
2019July Northeastern southwest campus
2019July 4th Of July in Boston with the Elliotts
2019 July Boston Visit With John
2019Aug Japan
2019Mar Oahu
2019Mar Yayoi Kusama Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
2006Sep Streamside Drive
2018Aug Nashville
2017May Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
2017Nov Ethyl M Cactus Garden Holiday Lights LV NV
2017Nov Boston Visit
2018Sep Hoover Dam
2018Aug Boston Visit
2018Aug Boston Fenway Ducks
2018May Prague
2018May Budapest
2018Mar Battleship Cove
2018Mar The Breakers with Ben
2018Apr Ikea Mirror Barn Door
2017Mar Prague
2017Mar Budapest
2017Nov Las Vegas High School Rodeo
2017Sep Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, NV
2017Sep International Car Forest of the Last Church, Goldfield, Nevada
2017Sep Bullfrog-Rhyolite Cemetery
2017Sep Goldwell Open Air Museum, Rhyolite NV
2017Sep Tom Kelly's Bottle House, Rhyolite, NV
2017Sep Rhyolite NV Ghost Town
2017Sep Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame
2017Oct Las Vegas Route 91 Memorial
2017Aug Zion Valley Morning Views
2017Aug Milky Way Zion Lodge
2017Aug Zion Lodge: Mule Deer and Sunset
2017Aug Angels Landing Trail, Zion NP
2016Nov Las Vegas Sights
2015Oct Henderson and Las Vegas Views
2015Oct Death Valley National Park
2015Oct Zion NP: Kolob Terrace Rd and Kolob Canyons
2016Nov Grand Canyon South Rim
2016Jul Cherry Creek Arts Festival
2015Sept Rocky Mountain Natl Park
2016Oct IKEA Bathroom Remodel
2016Nov Salton Sea, CA
2015July Squirrel breakfasting on maple seeds
2016Aug Yellowstone Natl Park
2016Sep Glacier Natl Park
2016Jun Devil's Tower Lookout, Pike Natl Forest
2016Apr Iceland Coast
2016Mar Roatan Dive 14: Mr Bud Wreck
2016Mar Roatan Dive 13: Mary's Place
2016Mar Roatan Dive 12: Prince Albert/DC-3
2016Mar Roatan Dive 11: Ventana Del
2016Mar Roatan Dive 10: Prince Albert
2016Mar Roatan Dive 9: French Cut Cay
2016Mar Roatan Dive 8: CoCo View Wall
2016Mar Roatan Dive 7: Menagerie
2016Mar Roatan Dive 6: CoCo View Wall
2016Mar Roatan Dive 5: First Bight
2016Mar Roatan Dive 4: CoCoView Wall
2016Mar Roatan Dive 3: Green Reef
2016Mar Roatan Dive 2 Prince Albert
2016Mar Houston to Roatan
2016Mar Over Houston at Night
2015Oct Las Vegas Neon Sign Musuem
2015Aug Rocky Mountain Natl Park: Old Fall River Road
2015Oct Boston Tourist
2015Oct Newport Mansions
2015Oct Zion National Park, The Narrows
2015Sept Lunar Eclipse
2015Aug Rocky Mountain Natl Park Marmots
2015 Aug Denver Squirrels
2015Jun Iceland
2015 May Boston Skyline Superwide
2015Aug Strawberries at breakfast
2015Apr Dominica Middleham Falls Hike
2015Mar Dominica Landside
2015Jul WeinerMobile in Denver
2015Jun Boston rooftop views
2015Jun Fenway Park from rooftop
2015Jun Boston MFA Snack
2015Jun Abandoned Colorado Farm
2015Jun Elk in Rocky Mountain Natl Park
2014Aug Bees in Honeysuckle
2015Jun Rocky Mountain National Park, without elk
2015Apr Dominica Dive 15: Lab'ym - Dangleben's North
2014Apr Dominica Dive 14: The Well
2015Apr Dominica Dive 13: Dangleben's Pinnacles - Coral Gardens
2015Apr Dominica Dive 12: Soufriere Pinnacles
2015Apr Dominica Dive 11: Night Dive Champagne Reef
2015Apr Dominica Dive 10: Champagne Reef
2015Apr Dominica Dive 9: Scottshead Point
2015Mar Dominica Dive 8: Champagne Reef
2015Mar Dominica Dive 7: Point Guinard
2015Mar Dominica Dive 6: Soufriere Pinnacles
2015Mar Dominica Dive 5: Scott's Head Dropoff
2015Mar Dominica Dive 4 Coral Gardens
2015Mar Dominica Dive 3 Lab'ym
2015Feb Kawaii Gifts 2 180mm Sigma Macro
2015Feb Kawaii Gifts Wide Angle/Superwide
2015Feb Kawaii Gifts Superwide HDR
2015Feb Kawaii Gifts: Macro 180mm Sigma, 105mm Nikkor
2014Dec Denver Zoo
2015Jan DIA with 300mm f2.8 VR
2015Jan Denver Cherry Creek Night D800e
2014Aug Sweden - Uppsala & Stockholm
2014Nov Winter Cherries and Birds
2014Nov Backyard Wildlife
2014Nov Baby Gorilla Playing Pittsburgh Zoo
2014Oct Fall Cherries and Birds D800e
2014Oct Fall Cherries and Birds 300mm f2.8 VR
2014Dec Squirrel picnic in the backyard
2014Sept National Aviary Pittsburgh
2014Oct 180mm Sigma Macro
2014Nov Pittsburgh Zoo
2014Sept Pittsburgh Zoo
2014Aug Phipps Conservatory: Butterflies, Flowers, Bees
Getting to know the D800e
2014Sep Pittsburgh Zoo 1
Getting to know the 300mm f2.8 VR
2014 Random Fun Photos
2014July Pittsburgh Zoo
2014June Summer Flowers and Insects Pittsburgh
2014May Denver Flowers and Insects
2014May Frick Mansion and Park, Pittsburgh PA
2014Apr CMU Carnival with Wayne and Weston
2014Apr Spring in Pittsburgh
2014Mar Macro shots: Nikon 105 VR
2014Mar Bonaire Scuba Fisheye 10.5mm
2014Mar Bonaire east coast dive - Boca Onima
2014Mar Bonaire Scuba Macro Photos
2014Mar - Scuba Camera Dome Port Helmet
2014Jan Denver Ducks
2014 Random Sights
2013Nov Winter Cherries and Birds
2013Nov First snowfall in Pittsburgh
2013Oct Giant Rubber Duck Pittsburgh
2013 Random Sights
2013Sep-Nov Fall Cherries, Flowers, Birds, and Bees
2013Sept Full Moon 500mm D7100
2012Aug (ongoing) Macro shots
2011May Royal Air Force Museum
2011May Tank Museum, Bovington UK
2013Sept Playing with 10.5mm Fisheye
2013June Montpellier, France minus Tour de France
2013Aug Giant Green Moray Eel, Key Largo, FL, City of Washington
2013Aug Key Largo Scuba Diving
2013July-August Summer Flowers, Bees, and Bugs D7100
2013July London Weekend
2013July Tour de France Stage 7: Montpellier to Albi, Just the Riders
2013July Tour de France Stage 6: Aix to Montpellier, Just the Riders
2011May London
2011Aug Pittsburgh Airshow
2011 NYC Christmas and random sights
2012Jun Aberdeen Proving Grounds Museum
2012 Random Photos
2012Aug Visiting the Tromp, a Dutch frigate, in Bonaire
2012Apr & 2013May Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright
2013 Squirrel Action
2013Apr CMU Carnival with Wayne and his family (Public)
2013Apr Musca domestica - the housefly D7100
2013Apr Tiny baby bristlenose plecos in aquarium
2013Apr Flowers and Bees D7100
2013Mar Signs of Spring D7100
2013Mar Key Largo Scuba Diving
2007 Denver Squirrels
2013Jan-Feb Chilly Cardinals
2011Jan New Zealand Trip
2010Dec Australia Trip
2012Nov GoGopher upgrade
2012Aug Bonaire scuba diving
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