2017Sep Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame by Willis Chung
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This has got to be one of the plainest signs I've seen in Vegas!
Plenty of classic style pinball machines. Quiet at opening!
Plenty of futuristic action
Along the wall there are classic arcade games
Clown and circus themed pinball machines
Some old favorite arcade games!
A patient in sick bay
Some notices outside the machine maintenance area
Many spare parts well organized.
Close up of the playing field.
Older style machines with mechanical counters
A quarter's view of the pinball machines.
Combining pinball and cards in Vegas
Some really old style skill games
Every young child would love to play on this machine!
DOH! I didn't know they made an arcade game.
Exciting 24 themed machine
Getting ready to drop some quarters
It gradually got busy as the morning drew to a close.
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