2014Mar Bonaire east coast dive - Boca Onima by Willis...
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  2. 2014Mar Bonaire east coast dive - Boca Onima2014Mar Bonaire east coast dive - Boca Onima
Sven from CCR guided us on this East coast dive
After a 200 yard surface swim we dropped to the reef at 80 feet
I had the 10.5mm fisheye on my camera, the right choice for very vibrant coral
Coral extremely healthy, quite different from the west coast.
Ben pauses to take a photo of a lionfish at 100 feet. This is the only lionfish we saw this week
Photo taken! It was an excellent one.
Different coral and sponge configurations here
Can't spend very long at 100 feet, starting return
The 10.5mm lens puts divers into every shot, useful for sense of scale
More layered coral than vertical formations
Starting to get to the 60-70 foot range
A field of sea grasses meets us as we head back to the Boca
Coral still looks healthy, no dead areas, no algae
Starting to see wave action at the mouth of the Boca
We wait while Sven checks our location. No references to mark the entrance to the Boca
On course, we head into the shallows of the Boca
Sunlight streams through the waves in the Boca as we swim to the exit point. Awesome dive!
Sven from Carribean Club Resort guides us to the entry/exit point at Boca Onima on the east coast of Bonaire. Nikon D90 10.5mm Nikkor in Aquatica AD90 enclosure, triple YS-110a strobes
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