2013Sept Playing with 10.5mm Fisheye by Willis Chung
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A dog's eye view of Walnut Street, Pittsburgh
Indoor and outdoor coffee on Walmut Street in Pittsburgh
View out the back of my office, onto cherry trees. Just a hint of barrel distortion...
A neighbor's azelea
Up close to the flower, aperture wide open
Up close, stopped down
Just a hint of distortion here
Expansive stairs, really!
Car grille
Car from the side, up close
You can look at both side view mirrors at once!
CMU, Gates building
CMU, bridges between buildings
CMU, Gates building from inside an aspen grove
Parked behind Wean Hall at CMU, lens distortion correction applied
Looking towards Pitt's Tower of Learning
Inside Wean Hall, at the elevators, Ben took this photo and the ones at CMU that follow
Looking at the ceiling and the floor of the elevator
Bridge connecting Wean Hall to Newell-Simon Hall
A peek into a lecture hall in Wean Hall
The front of Doherty Hall
Looking towards the south, next to the Mall
The Mall is being redone. Hamerschlag Hall and the Tower of Learning complement each other
A friendly dog posing for us on the Mall
The concrete stark lines of Wean Hall are not very evident in wide angle shots
Sun setting over the Mall. Lens distortion correction applied
The long, dark straight corridor in Baker Hall. No distortion correction
Full distortion correction applied
A constellation of tasty choices
Gatorade up close
Baker Hall stairs
Barely seen artists drawing the doors at Baker Hall
Looking out from and also at Baker Hall
The Gregg Hall in Baker
And a view from the front. Moderate distortion correction applied to straighten the seats
Hamerschlag Hall, heading to Wean Hall
At the entrance to Wean, there is an overhanging lecture hall.
The cupola and the Tower of Learning
The stairs are pretty wide, but not this wide...
Ben at his office
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