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Arriving at Charles de Gaulle, Paris early in the morning
Good signage: big, easy to read font
A young lady traveling in style
Heading towards the SNCF station
A peek outside at Paris
The big board announcing all the trains
Going towards the platforms
Our TGV arrives!
Moving at over 100mph, I go for some tea and biscuits
I like the happy phone graphic
In Montpellier we stayed at the Citadines, and the tram was right outside
Our living room at the Citadines. A wonderful place to rest and recharge.
The view from our balcony at the rear of the Citadines.
Out for an early morning walk, sun rising on the azeleas
Tram tracks towards the centre ville and the historic parts of town
Excellent architecture: modern neo-classical!
The plants have a slightly tropical flair
Striking buildings, much better than the boxes we see in the States
A pleasing blend of new and old
Heading toward Place de la Comedie, the central meeting place in town
It's early so few people are out even in the center of town
Opera national de Montpellier reflected in the back window of the service van
Also reflected in the windscreen of the tram
Outstanding graffiti
Early morning sun hitting the sign just right
You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike...
Commentary on the occupants?
The street is quiet now, but just wait a few hours!
May not be an accurate description of the service.
Found at the edge of a fountain
Montpelier, France, early morning. Nikon D7100 18-200 Nikkor.
A bottle left behind
Memories of the previous night's fun. Taken in Montpelier, France. Nikon D7100 18-200 Nikkor
The opera house in the morning
The Corum, where the ECOOP conference was held
Flowers near the Corum
A peaceful Dominican church in the old part of town
A beautiful, calm space
Reading someone else's paper on the tram to Ikea
At the mall, heading for Ikea
The Apple store Montpellier, where they have slightly different keyboards!
A happy sight in a home decorating store
More smiles
The collection of shopping carts looks like TGVs
The Ikea must be close by
Here it is! A visit to French Ikea!
Thank you! We would love to visit your house!
A visit to the restaurant! Fun!
Lunch is going to be excellent!
A nice selection of drinks to accompany our meal
Ikea wine!
Taking some bread home from the shops
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