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Here we are in London!
Lovely desserts
We used cabs a fair bit
It was as good as it looks
Taking a walk along the Thames
Do they recycle these as well?
The Eye across the Thames
Must be in London!
Let's be clear about this.
Taking the little ones for a stroll
Busker working at Covent Garden
Entertaining the crowds
The fountain in the south end of St. James Park
Practice at the Horse Guards Parade grounds
Marching up and down the square
Red on red
Carrying their Sterling SMG
Present arms!
Practicing for a parade at the Horse Guard Parade Grounds, London, England. Sterling SMGs. Nikon D90 18-200 Nikkor
Here is at least one horse
The thin red line
Every formation a parade...
The ducks don't seem to be impressed by the soldiers' plumage
Duck Island cottage, flowers doing their thing.
Maybe they have very small patients.
Crossing London streets with the assistance of a bobby
Nikon D90 18-200mm Nikkor
Big Ben up close
London icons
Yup, it's London!
St. Paul's Cathedral from the Tate Modern Cafe
Look who's come to tea with us!
Enjoying a wonderful tea at the Tate Modern
The world's most famous theater
Tower Bridge
Waiting for the train
London, pre-Olympics, a sign of the times!
Let's have a cuppa...
Lovely teapot
It is orange!
In a taxi, Big Ben, Parliament, the Eye
Soldiers marching away from a formation
Trafalgar Square with Cup FInal enthusiasts
These were Barcelona fans
Awesome coloration!
They were a lot of high spirits
They gradually filled the square
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