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Our bedroom at Dimmuborgir Guesthouse, packing up after two nights here
Peggy and I exchange ritual greetings in the living room.
We did a lot of living here over two days. Expensive, but good location and a good room!
Heading out for breakfast, private cabins to left, rooms with shared baths to the right.
This is the luxury cabin, with its own hot tub on the deck to the left.
We looked everywhere for the little fuzzy dashboard trolls, but couldn't find them.
Greeted by a happy dog!
He is making a happy mess out of that rope toy.
This is the view at breakfast at Dimmuborgir Guesthouse.
Our canine friend taking a little break while we eat
He notices we are moving!
A little doggie discussion going on here.
Ball? Toy?
Keeping a careful eye on the toy...
Everybody ready?
He brought this very chewed up ball back!
Naturually it had to be thrown for him!
It's a Spalding! Yummy, or at least chewy.
Say hello to my little friend... Not our rental car!
Taking a quick walk through Höfði. Trees!
An unusual sight, a tree-lined shore.
I wonder what these would look like during the fall?
Strange puffy lava formations
Water in the lake is crystal clear, great for photography
A beautiful, clear day at the lake
This lava formation looks like an Imperial star destroyer to me.
Looking to the north, plenty of ducks.
A Barrow's Goldeneye drake swimming solo.
A Barrow's Goldeneye hen arrives
Another Barrow's Goldeneye drake coming in low
He slows and drops..
Flares for his landing...
and hits the water.
He instantly submerges, keeping his forward velocity.
and pops up inder another drake!
He runs off the other drake...
and slows to return to his compadres
After all that work, the drake takes a lot of drinks from the lake.
A little bay on southeastern Lale Mývatn
What a beautiful day!
Greylag geese in flight over Mývatn
I held them in focus for 4 frames
So you have to see all of them!
Beautifully aerodynamic!
A common scoter hen
Fantastic shapes created be erosion in the lava columns
Route 848, looking south.
Over there is where we stopped to take photos of Lake Mývatn last June!
This is where we walked around during our brief stop last year.
Canine company as we pack up.
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