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The drive to the west side of Dettifoss was easy on the new, sealed road. Eastern road is closed.
The clouds and fog are just about the same brightness as the snow on the ground
Short but snowy hike to the falls. A few slopes, helpful to have the hiking sticks
OK, no cycling today!
Powerful falls!
100 meter plunge, largest water flow of any waterfall in Iceland
Taking the whole scene in with the superwide
People were quite excited to be here at the falls!
Peggy and I sure had big smiles!
Many happy vacation photos taken at this spot!
Walking south along the west bank, staying away from the edge.
This area looks safe
Getting a peek of the fault that creates the fall.
More photography happening upstream.
Peggy getting her iPhone ready.
Nope, adjusting her headband!
Vertical superwide view of Dettifoss, with water droplets on lens
Same place, horizontal superwide view of Dettifoss
Swirling, raging water at the west side of the falls
More conventional wide angle view of Dettifoss
More photography happening!
The portrait lens persepective of the falls. I like this view.
Back to Akureyri and Brynja, with many people delighted to get ice cream
The whole family comes to Brynja!
It must be a fun job making so many people happy every day!
Parked downtown, walking to the bookstore
Pretty sign, especially with the accent marks.
Akureyrarkirkja up on the hill above the bookstore
Everybody was having fun at the bookstore!
Nice place to meet and get some work done.
Even Hello Kitty visits Iceland
Lots of choices when we step out of the bookstore
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