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  3. A fully digital 8 Gig GoGopher plugged into a USB port!A fully digital 8 Gig GoGopher plugged into a USB port!

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Item information:

A fully digital 8 Gig GoGopher plugged into a USB port!
Here is how to convert an analog GoGopher to a 8 Gig digital GoGopher!
Get: small USB drive with parallel sides, pen, utility knife, tweezers, double sided foam tape.
Place the cap of the thumb drive over the tail, where the drive will be installed
Trace around the cap.  Note that the cap is slightly smaller than the thumb drive, good! No wiggles!
With a very sharp utility knife score the lines, then cut deeply.
Clean up the hole and test fit the thumb drive.  It's better if the hole is slightly too small.
Build up a platform of strips of double sided foam tape inside.
A pair of tweezers helps place the strips.
Use the back end of the tweezers to press the foam strips down.
As the strips get toward the bottom of the edge of the hole, put lumps of extra tape on the end.
Place the drive into the hole, correct side up!  Angle it up, away from the double sided tape.
When the drive is at the correct depth, angle it down, onto the tape.
A fully digital GoGopher, far superior to the conventional analog version!
Thousands of uses!  Good for home, office, or recreation!
The cuteness factor is off the scale!  GoGopher!

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