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Our Quantas charriot, a 747 took us from LAX to Melbourne
Ben enjoying some of the comforts of home on Quantas
On the ground in Melbourne, my first Australian photo!
One of our cabin crew.  We boarded Christmas Eve, and landed the day after Christmas
Finally on the shuttle bus to the hotel!  We are pretty tired!_We_are_pretty_tired-1
Melbourne's lovely port area
Just can't seem to get away from McD's, which they call the American Embassy
Our view of the Yarra River from the Crowne Plaza Hotel
Our hotel reception area
What a delight stretching out after the long flight
One of the cafes at the Crown Casino
High style at the Crown Casino across the Yarra
Walking along the Yarra, the sun finally comes out!
Miles or kilometers?
A nice establishing shot - Yarra River, Melbourne
That's me taking pictures!
Where's his neck?
Have you seen my other leg?
Kind face below metal shrimp
Riverside sculptures
We caught the City Circle Tram
and wow was it crowded!
Modern architecture downtown
Cow in tree, interesting...
Stylish flats to be had in Melbourne's Docklands region
Crowne Plaza fish and chips are recommended-1
The Crown Casino complex is always busy
Flame tower show along the Yarra at night
Our first day on a coach, and one of the only times we wore our nametags
Our coach drivers are amazing- it's amazing how close we came to other coaches and trucks
Freaky Clown Face Door- they seem to have one of these in every large city
Melbourne Cityscape from the War Memorial
Statue at the Melbourne War Memorial
Flags of the ANZAC
Some of the many medals earned by the ANZAC soldiers
We visited the cafe of the nearby Botanical Gardens for refreshment.  We had hot tea and scones.
Art ideas from a window display at Federation Square
More art ideas
Beware the invading robots!
Aboriginal art at the National Gallery of Victoria.  Admission was free!
Dots figure prominently in aboriginal art
Art looking back
Art ideas from the museum
A Sidney Nolan painting of Ned Kelly, bush ranger
Tired after a museum snack
The gift shop at the museum was very expensive.  This penguin savings bank was AU$65
Ambitious entry fee at the Immigration Museum. A modest museum, best part was couches in library
Japanese paper doll making
The pine trees are almost stick drawings
The start of a 12+ hour bus trip to the 12 Apostles.  Thank goodness our driver, Colin, was lively
Beach near Melbourne
We begin the drive down the Great Ocean Road
Modern beach houses would be a hoot to rent
Sweeping views of the shoreline
We got a good look at a koala in the wild at a campground Colin knew about
Koala Claws
Our bus climbed away from the beach, giving us a chance to look back at the beaches
We started seeing some of the rock formations of the 12 Apostles
Interesting rocks
Beautiful stark cliffs
We spent a lot of time hopping off and onto our coach
Big crowds hung out at the big rocks
No crowds now
Some people made it out onto the rocks
Happy to be off the coach for a little bit\
Colin, or driver, helps out by making his own sandwiches.  We stored leftover chips under the bus
As fine a collection of rocks as you'd like
We lost the sweatshirt Ben is wearing and another just like it somewhere in Australia
Here are our leftover chips. They were very tasty
One of the Apostles, I think
Some of the Apostles
Wide angle view of Apostles (Probably many people have a photo similar to this.  The broken clouds and active waves complement each other on the day we visited.  Nikon D90 18-200mm Nikkor)
Gazing at the Apostles
Apostles in close
Apostles out wide
More Apostle action
Deplaning at Alice Springs from our Qantas flight via a set of stairs at the tail.  Very European!
Our stewardess volunteered to take our photo.  Turned out great!
Sure is a lot of red dirt in the outback
We all took pictures of the red dirt
Out to a cattle station where we were to enjoy dining outdoors
Effective advertising
The Alice Springs Telegraph Station
Telegraph lines
Dragonfliy looking like a telegraph pole
Kangaroo in the brush
Very cheerful tree at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station
Pretty parrot looking for lunch
Not the sharpest photo of a parrot, but my best one that day
Our Trafalgar tour group at the spring of Alice Springs
The Alice Springs spring
and associated stream
Mother and kid at the Telegraph Station
Eat more rooster!
Camel rides after Alice Springs
And we're off to the races!
The white line through the Red Centre to Ularu
Our guide Scotty talking with other Aussies at the Mt. Ebenezer road house
Mount Connor in the distance, not visited by us this trip
Visiting butterfly at our room in near the Olgas
Setting out for a little afternoon stroll down the Walpa George in the Olgas.  Quite warm out
The weathered rock was originally one huge stone, and is a sacred site for Aborigines
Lovely flowering bushes
Amazing flowers.  Look like koalas!
Yellow flowers going to seed
Kangaroo settling in for the evening at the Olgas
Finishing the Walpa Gorge walk
Posing at an Olga sunset
Posing at an Olga sunset
Posing at an Olga sunset
The penultimate sunset of 2010
Coach to Uluru at 10 AM, wind  too high to climb up Uluru
The trail starts on the right and runs to the top
Mosquito netting to keep the nasties off wasn't really needed but was fun to try on
The rocks are truly on a heroic scale
Outback License Plates
Bush hats for the bush
Butterfly coming in for a landing near Uluru
Making our own outback arch
Little holes
and big holes
Ben wearing his hat stylishly in front of aboriginal drawings
Peggy is also very stylish
Here are some of the drawings
"You are Here" at Uluru
The coaches were very comfortable, it must be said
Air-conditioned comfort did beat the ankle express when it was getting hot: December summertime
A lot of the trees had given up in the heat
Complex, interweaving shapes and textures.  Very visually interesting
The carpet of yellow flowers complements the bushes and stone
Probably the Australian equivalent of the thistle
Very noisy birds, defending or courting
Getting set up for the last sunset of 2010 at Uluru
Setting sun
Outback pigeons
Pretty good photo of us in front of Uluru.  Happy to be down under!
With Candace and Monica from South Africa and Scotty, our guide
Posing in front of the famous rock
Photographing the photographer
In contemplation of the stones
Ben trying out the bug netting
Ben and Candace clowning around in front of Uluru
Uluru and the last bit of sun from 2010
The first sunrise of 2011 over Uluru and the Red Centre
Some of the nicer lodgings at the Ayers Rock Resort.  Our unit had a view of the laundry facilities
Red Centre sunrise
Flowers unfurling at the start of the new year  Ok, sappy. Sorry
Another great license plate
The stars on the plate go well with those on the Subaru logo
Slightly disconcerting seeing a beautifully decorated gingerbread house in the hot Red Centre
I suppose it is comforting to us Northern Hemispheric types
Not normal vegitation in the Red Centre
Wild Australian bunny
Our little place at Ayers Rock Resort
Fantastic clouds, from the Visitor Centre
An amazing deep blue sky greeted us on our last day at Uluru
Our chariot to Carins, a Boeing 717
A Queenly wave
Off to our liveaboard, departing Carins
Our cabin on the liveaboard, comfy place to rest after a dive
Water, water, everywhere
Spotted this turtle during our first snorkel dive
Giant Clams!
We got a close look at the turtle
Fish!  I will have to work on identifying these!
Schools of tiny, transparent fish were clustered around heads of coral
Big parrotfish with remora
Ben checking out the top of a coral head
Ben inspecting a giant clam
Yup, that's a big clam
Hmm, big and not afraid of us!  Another one to look up
Black marine flatworm
Apparently the clams come in different colors
A pair of clown fisn in an anemone
Another view of the clownfish
Clownfish in a big anemone
Getting on the train to Kuranda, Peggy took the Nikon D90 and had fun
Something about that sign made people ham it up
I mean really, what's so special about the sign
Rolling railwWaterfalls galoreay splendor
Waterfalls galore
Falling water, Aussie style
Candice and Peggy squared off and shot it out
Monica got into the action as well
so did Mike and Debbie
Next the cable-car ride up through the trees
Admiring the falls from on high
Swinging further up on the cable car
to a walk through the canopy of the trees
A hint of bright color in all the green
Ben and I got back from the Reef just in time to join Peggy and get a koala picture taken
Looking out over the water from our balcony at the Carins Hilton
There's no doubt that getting people wet is big business in Carins
Quiet! There may be art happening here
We got real food on the Quantas flights throughout Australia! The cheese is tasty
A first glimpse of the famous opera house.  We must really be in Sydney
Sydney Harbor from the roof of our hotel: Holiday Inn Old Sydney.
Establishing shot of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, whch we walked across later
Looking back to Circular Quay, which we spent a lot of time walking around
After a shower we headed up the hill to the Sydney Harbor Bridge to stroll across at night
Ahh, the fabled Opera House
Sydney - the Opera House and Circular Quay.  Good to have a superwide!
The Opera House and a busy early January summer evening
Roofline Opera House (YASOHP = Yet Another Sydney Opera House Photo!  Taken from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Nikon D90 18-200mm Nikkor)
Bits of the Sydney Harbor Bridge at night.  Looks like parts from an Erector Set
We ate many reasonably priced meat pies from the G'Day Cafe. Food is way more expensive than in NYC!
What's wrong with this picture- Nativity scene, palm trees, shorts and short-sleeved shirts!
There's that clown face door again, across the harbor.  On city bus tour going to the Opera House
Sydney has as many busses as New York, but many fewer cabs
Finally off the bus, we get a closer look at the Opera House and of course take photos of each other
Here's the obligatory, "Gosh this thing is heavy," shot
In front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we are pleased with the prospect of touring the Opera House
A fantastic collection of arcs and lines
Closer up you can see the details of the tile work
Some folks doing the climb across the Harbour Bridge.  We didn't do that this time
Cecile getting photographed twice
Ahh, much better composition, with Cecile, the Harbour Bridge, and the many ferries
Inside the Opera House is a varied collection of colors, shapes, and shadows.
Across the harbour is that clown face again, framed by the Harbour Bridge
Looking past the Opera House, the Sydney skyline has many complimentary curves and spires
Our guide, who was quite knowledgeable, looked an awful lot like Mac from the "I'm a Mac" advert
A nice portrait of Monica, Peggy, and Ben, resting after climbing many stairs inside the Opera House
More holding up of big buildings
How did this project ever get approved with all these arcs and shapes
Presumably not the sound the truck makes
Cecile checking the view from Mrs Macquarie's Chair
which is something like this
The HMAS Ballarat, an Anzac class frigate of the Royal Australian Navy, at port
Kayakers and climbers taking in the sight of the Opera House.  What a beautiful harbour
Another harbour view
Out to Bondi Beach, to look at surfers and waves
Pretty big waves for sure
The Fabrizios out at Bondi
Cool Previas set up for camping. Brings back fond memories of our '96 Previa
Ben and Peggy reviewing photos at the back of the bus
The next part of the city tour was a ferry ride around the harbour, and what a day we had for it!
The under-the-bridge family vacation photo, another must have!
That's just an wonderful sight, Harbour Bridge framing Opera House
Mike and Debbie were having an excellent time as well
At Sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales saw the terra cotta warriors exhibit.
The observed and the observers
I love the Sidney Nolan Bushranger series and the Aussie admiration of these outlaws.
Strolling through the Botanical Gardens at dusk, we came across these guys taking a rest on a bench
and we saw a million or so bats starting to wake up
Boats, trains, and automobiles at the Circular Quay as we set off across the harbour to the Zoo
The ferries are dwarfed by the cruise ship that docked overnight
This would be another good establishing shot
We had a spectacular summer morning to visit some Aussie animals
A helpful public safety message in the stairway between decks on the ferry.  Good advice in general
Can women rent from this company?
Dual koaka action, well, inaction is more like it
This is a little cutie
Getting up in the morning is different for koalas
Striking pose from a southern cassowary
Friendly wallabies in the free roaming enclosure
We did not have any treats for this red necked wallaby
A wallaby smile, maybe
Hoping for a treat
A swamp wallaby watching me carefully
Peggy made a friend
Carrots are apparently acceptable breakfast food for kangaroos
There is a strange resemblance to Albert Einstein
The Tasmanian Devil doesn't look so frightening, but it has a very strong bite
Chicks walking about in the underbrush at the zoo
Cablecar down to the dock
We were the only ones leaving the zoo, apparently
Maybe these were people heading to the zoo
A Holden Colorado SUV
Never leave your luggage unattended
My last photo in the land of Oz!

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