2010Dec Australia Trip by Willis Chung
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Our Quantas charriot, a 747 took us from LAX to Melbourne
Ben enjoying some of the comforts of home on Quantas
On the ground in Melbourne, my first Australian photo!
One of our cabin crew. We boarded Christmas Eve, and landed the day after Christmas
Finally on the shuttle bus to the hotel! We are pretty tired!_We_are_pretty_tired-1
Melbourne's lovely port area
Just can't seem to get away from McD's, which they call the American Embassy
Our view of the Yarra River from the Crowne Plaza Hotel
Our hotel reception area
What a delight stretching out after the long flight
One of the cafes at the Crown Casino
High style at the Crown Casino across the Yarra
Walking along the Yarra, the sun finally comes out!
Miles or kilometers?
A nice establishing shot - Yarra River, Melbourne
That's me taking pictures!
Where's his neck?
Have you seen my other leg?
Kind face below metal shrimp
Riverside sculptures
We caught the City Circle Tram
and wow was it crowded!
Modern architecture downtown
Cow in tree, interesting...
Stylish flats to be had in Melbourne's Docklands region
Crowne Plaza fish and chips are recommended-1
The Crown Casino complex is always busy
Flame tower show along the Yarra at night
Our first day on a coach, and one of the only times we wore our nametags
Our coach drivers are amazing- it's amazing how close we came to other coaches and trucks
Freaky Clown Face Door- they seem to have one of these in every large city
Melbourne Cityscape from the War Memorial
Statue at the Melbourne War Memorial
Flags of the ANZAC
Some of the many medals earned by the ANZAC soldiers
We visited the cafe of the nearby Botanical Gardens for refreshment. We had hot tea and scones.
Art ideas from a window display at Federation Square
More art ideas
Beware the invading robots!
Aboriginal art at the National Gallery of Victoria. Admission was free!
Dots figure prominently in aboriginal art
Art looking back
Art ideas from the museum
A Sidney Nolan painting of Ned Kelly, bush ranger
Tired after a museum snack
The gift shop at the museum was very expensive. This penguin savings bank was AU$65
Ambitious entry fee at the Immigration Museum. A modest museum, best part was couches in library
Japanese paper doll making
The pine trees are almost stick drawings
The start of a 12+ hour bus trip to the 12 Apostles. Thank goodness our driver, Colin, was lively
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