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  3. Giant green moray eel with big grouper in backgroundGiant green moray eel with big grouper in background

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Giant green moray eel with big grouper in background
He came out from underneath the shipwreck for some lunch
Moray eel - check out those teeth!
Grouper looking for a free lunch
Captain Slate giving the nurse shark a big hug
8 foot nurse shark after some free lunch
Head on nurse shark, lots of remora
Shark skin up close - like mosaic tile. Feels like coarse sandpaper
Rear oblique view of the nurse shark that stayed with us for 10 minutes getting lunch
Nurse shark cruising the sand
Yellowtail snapper with an interesting background.  I was aiming for the shark!
Tiny juvenile bluehead wrassefm
Christmas tree worms
This is apparently what the fish see when I get close. Scary!
Blue parrotfish giving me a toothy smile
Juvenile striped parrotfish
Juvenile cocoa damselfish checking us out
Little queen angelfish
Black margate lips
Juvenile wrasse
Juvenile spanish hogfish
Masked gobies
Gray angelfish
Hogfish checking out the buffet
Smooth trunkfish
Blue tang, adult coloration
Juvenile blue tang, really!
White grunt eye
Juvenile bluestriped grunts.  Looks like an aquarium
Tiny fish
Curious smallmouth grunts
A meeting of juvenile bluehead wrasse
Porkfish face
Juvenlie parrotfish nibbling on soft coral
Juveniile parrotfish saying hello
Mahogany snappers
Brown chromis checking out my camera
Bluestriped grunt
Trumpetfish snout
Redband parrotfish (terminal phase) smile
Queen angelfish side view
Lobster, City of Washington night dive
Male princess parrotfish
Yellowhead wrasse
Scorpionfish face. Camouflage doesn't get much better than this!
Friendly blue parrotfish
Masked goby
Bicolor damselfish with soft coral
Bicolor damselfish
Hogfish liked following us, feeding when we stirred up the sand
Juvenile parrotfish
Juvenile filefish
Pair of spotfin butterflyfish
Snapper tails
Possibly a juvenile yellowhead wrasse
Stoplight parrotfish, intermediate phase coloration
Glasseye snapper
Scrawled Cowfish
Queen angelfish
Spotted mackerel.  Fast and shiny!
We saw another giant green moray eel swimming toward the fish feed site
He checked us to make sure we didn't have any fish for him
Ben working through parts of a wreck
Red hind hiding from us
Sergeant major checking us out
Yellowtail damselfish examining our scuba gear
Juvenile spotlight parrotfish
Top view of juvenile stoplight parrotfish
Surgeonfish eye
Adolescent blue tang oblique...
Now head on
Soft coral up close
Ocean surgeonfish with a lot of buddies
French angelfish
French angelfish peeking around coral
Curious bermuda chub
Waiting for lunch to arrive
Shiny barracuda, nice teeth
Juvenile cocoa damselfish
Gaggle of grunts
Three eyed diverfish
Trumpetfish and grunts
Juvenile yellowtail damselfish
Those barracuda teeth look pretty sharp
Ben shooting fish!
Pair of lobsters -  City of Washington night dive
Parrotfish teeth - City of Washington night dive
Lucky divers getting to pet the nurse shark on Captain Slate's Fish Feed, our last day in the water
More shark hugging.  The shark apparently is willing to work for a meal
Mr Moray having his video shot
A small sharpnose puffer fish.  What a beauty!
Yellowtail damselfish checking me out - City of Washington night dive
A rainbow parrotfish

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