Early risers meeting outside our hotel by Willis Chung
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  3. Day 3: Ring Road: Reykjavik to AkureyriDay 3: Ring Road: Reykjavik to Akureyri
  4. Early risers meeting outside our hotelEarly risers meeting outside our hotel

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Early risers meeting outside our hotel
Restaurants and shops still closed
We had several good meals from both of these places
Setting out to do the Ring Road in one day, heading north on Route 1
Wonderful farms, north Capital Region
Tucked against the mountains
Small places against big mountains
Driving toward the tunnel that goes under Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord)
The red of this barn stands out
Neat as a pin!  It would be wonderful to stop and visit...
Crouching gantries, hidden freighter (The dock at Grundartangi services the Century Aluminum smelter)
Majestic peaks between Grundartangi and Borganes
The bridge across the sound into Borgarnes
Convenient, clean, safe petrol stations.
The rocks have become "soft," covered with fluffy lichen
The sign on route 704 to Laugarbakki is new compared to Google Streetview. Neat little house!
Memorial near the site of the battle of Örlygsstaðir
We are just south of the village of Varmahlíð. The sign describes the Battle of Örlygsstaðir.
I did want to hike up to the waterfall.  Alas, no time to do it this trip!
Coming down into Akureyri, a really nice looking small city in northern Iceland
We are now across Eyjafjörður from Akureyri, and can see the city laid out before us.
Clearly fishing is a big part of the economy
Cod is king?
Looking at view like this make me want to go back and walk the streets in the town.
Cemetery with a really nice view.
There are apparently 5 police officers on call for Akureyri, population 17,304 in 2008.  Looks nice!
These are the mountains just to the south

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