2019 July Boston Visit With John by Willis Chung
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Leaving on a jet plane...
Catching sight of Manhattan out the port windows
Times Square area
Roosevelt Island
Randall's Island and East Harlem
View of Rikers Island
The George Washington Bridge in the sunset.
Logan Airport Control Tower
Going to the USS Constitution, unfortunately closed today!
Going into the visitor center to get a peek at the ship from the exit...
Inside the museum, a nice Lego creation!
Specs for the Lego model of the Csssin Young
Bow of the Lego Cassin Young
Twin 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns
TUrret 2, 5 inch naval gun..
The USS Constitution getting some maintenance before her cruise.
We will go up the gangplank later this week.
Getting a view of the Constitution's stern.
Seems odd to see green BDUs in a naval setting.
Older masts complementing the modern crane boom.
The USS Constitution's ensign.
24-pound long guns on the gun deck, 30-pound carronades on the spar deck above.
Superwide view of the USS Constitution from the Visitor's Center
Bow of the USS Constitution, showing details of the bowsprit.
Modern safety rigging would have been unknown to the yardmen on the Constitution.
Some of the exhibits in the Visitor Center
Binnacles from the USS Wabash from 1856. New tech!
Sonar dome model from the 1950s and some tech from the USS Cassin Young.
Signs from the active era of the Charleston Naval Yard.
John and Peggy waiting for the Uber
Getting ready for a Boston Duck Tour
Our duck is blue. It's really a DUKW.
Peggy and John boarding our DUKW
FInding our seats aboard the DUKW.
Plenty of life vests available.
Our guide was very entertaining and informative at the same time.
In the Charles River heading towards the Longfellow Bridge in the DUKW
Looking back at the Museum of Science on the Charles River.
The Esplanade Condos on the north bank of the Charles River.
The Hatch Memorial Shell (amphitheater) through the Longfellow Bridge.
Rather grand statue, overlooking the Charles River.
Dome of the Massachusetts State House from the Charles River.
Old drawbridge over the Broad Canal with kayakers in the canal.
A fellow DUKW churning past us.
The Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, near the Longfellow Bridge.
The famous Citgo sign, near Fenway Park.
Lots of young sailors on the Charles River.
Sailing the Charles River
That's a pretty steep list to port...
Community Boating, Inc along the south bank of the Charles River
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