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Arriving at Battleship Cove on a cold, windy day
USS Joseph P Kennedy, JR, a Gearing class destroyer.
Battleship Cove is under the Charles M. Braga, Jr Memorial Bridge.
Bow of the USS Fall River, CA-131, a Baltimore class heavy cruiser, commissioned in 1945.
A classic Huey on display under the bridge.
A landing craft from WW II, an LCM.
For some reason a Cobra helicopter gunship is also on display. No real connection to the vessels...
Front turret with 5 inch guns on the Joe Kennedy.
Bridge and 12.75 inch Mk 32 torpedoes on the Joe Kennedy. Mk25 fire control radar atop the bridge.
Radar domes, small units on the Joe Kennedy
Map showing the vessels on display at Battleship Cove. We will visit 2 today, and 2 tomorrow.
Soviet SS-N-2 (Styx) anti-ship cruise missile from the East German Hiddensee corvette
AN/SPS-10 C-Band surface search radar at the top of the mast on the Joe Kennedy
T-28 Trojan basic trainer, used by all services beginning in the 1950s. Ben uses his superwide lens.
T-28 trainer up close with superwide lens
T-28 trainer under the bridge.
Flag and 40mm anti-aircraft batteries on the fantail of the USS Massachusetts.
Ben on board the stern of the Joe Kennedy, photographing the rear 5 inch turret
Rear 5 inch turret of the Joe Kennedy.
Crossing over to the USS Lionfish, SS-298, a Balao-class attack sub commissioned in 1944.
Looking at the stern of the Hiddensee, former East German frigate, originally in Soviet service.
5 inch rear deck gun of the USS Lionfish
Twin Styx anti-ship cruise missile launchers on the Hiddensee.
The rear hatch of launcher 3 on the Hiddensee is opened for inspection.
The front hatch on launcher 3 on the Hiddensee is opened and the launch rail is in position.
Sets of 5 inch turrets on the starboard side of the USS Massachusetts.
We go inside the USS Lionfish via the forward torpedo room.
21 inch torpedos, 6 tubes forward, 4 tubes aft. Normal load was 24 torpedoes.
Torpedo in position for loading into the tube.
Ben getting a shot of the ladder we descended into the USS Lionfish.
Propellor on the 21 inch Mark 14 torpedo.
Watertight hatches between compartments in the USS Lionfish.
Wardroom aboard the USS Lionfish.
The Ship's Office aboard the USS Lionfish.
Control room of the USS Lionfish, with dive plane controls on far wall.
Dive plane controls in the USS Lionfish.
Another view of the control room.
Depth gauge in the control room aboard the USS Lionfish.
Dead reckoning tracer, an automated system of predicting position using course and speed.
Complicated junction box aboard the USS Lionfish.
Small galley to feed all the men aboard the USS Lionfish. We liked the big mixer.
Crew's mess aboard the USS Lionfish.
Cutaway view of one of the 4 9-cylinder diesel engines powering the USS Lionfish.
Engine room aboard the USS Lionfish.
A generator status panel in the engine room of the USS Lionfish.
Unknown switching device aboard the USS Lionfish.
Generator control panel in the maneuvering room aboard the USS Lionfish.
Hatch to the aft torpedo room.
Counterrotating propellers on the Mark 14 torpedo
Ben inspects a cutaway of the Mark 14 torpedo.
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