Peggy getting a nice pano in the tree. by Willis Chung
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  2. 2017Sep Tom Kelly's Bottle House, Rhyolite, NV2017Sep Tom Kelly's Bottle House, Rhyolite, NV
  3. Peggy getting a nice pano in the tree.Peggy getting a nice pano in the tree.

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Item information:

Tom Kelly's Bottle House is behind barbed wire to keep it safe.
Easy to take care of the yard, not too much mowing needed.
South wall of the house in the direct sun, will look good up close
Different colored bottles for different parts of the house.
Peggy getting a photosphere
Getting in close with the superwide.
The superwide has everything in focus from 3 inches to infinity.
South and east walls getting full sun.
Rings of purple light at the base of the bottles
Little house sculptures in the back garden adorned with broken glass and tile.
A glass work in progress.
Concrete and glass  art, an unusual medium.
Reflections of the front porch on the front window.
A bit barren inside.  Definitely a fixer-upper.
Old glass bottles not in a wall or on some art.
A little bed for a little house.
They must have some serious woodpeckers here. :)
Another bed, also small. Better than laying on the floor or ground.
A bit of variety in the bottles near the door.
Bench under the tree in the front yard.
Front porch and one of the two front doors.
Same place, but superwide view.
The other front door, with details of the porch roof.
Peggy getting a nice pano in the tree.
Front door detail.  Glass bottles in the wall inside the house as well.
Looking west back towards Rhyolite's main street and the schoolhouse.

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