2017Nov Las Vegas High School Rodeo by Willis Chung
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Arriving in the afternoon at Horseman's Park, in north Las Vegas, we get to watch some roping action
One of the last competitors in the boy's roping event gets ready
He's off! After that calf!
Getting that rope moving
Still haven't gotten close to the calf
Horse and rider working as a team
The hat takes off on its own.
Calf coming into range...
Good throw!
This young lady heads out after her calf.
Keeping an eye on the target and getting that rope going.
Getting a bit of a higher perspective on the target.
Just about ready to throw. It was a good throw, but it happened behind the signs on the fence.
This young lady is next. Getting warmed up.
A bright splash of red in a world of blue.
Getting her photo taken in the box.
Time to go to work.
A quick approach, looking good...
Up and over... But the calf slips out!
Second rope thrown...
Rope released!
Taking another go at the calf.
Another young lady riding after a calf.
Coming into range, with the rope moving well.
Soon will be close enough to throw the rope.
A miss, coming around for another try.
Riders in the practice corral.
Boy watching the riders in the box.
Nice hats doing a great job keeping heads cool.
A well put together family!
Getting his attention.
Cooling off after the ride.
Looking sharp...
Badges of skill
Badges of a champion!
Heads up.
Concentration and composure.
Getting the rope just right.
Getting the mind into the game.
Checking the tires. :)
Managing the rope.
Rope and rider look ready.
Gazing over the crowd behind the box.
Everybody here is dressed up!
This lady is number one!
Proud Vegas riders
Sharing some words.
Lovely color combination!
No question where she's from!
Saying hello when a friend pulls up. I wish I had zoomed out a bit more...
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