Colorful prickly pears by Willis Chung
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  2. 2017Nov Ethyl M Cactus Garden Holiday Lights LV NV2017Nov Ethyl M Cactus Garden Holiday Lights LV NV
  3. Colorful prickly pearsColorful prickly pears

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Item information:

Twilight dinner at the Peppermill in Vegas
Classic art deco colors in the sign
Nearby is Circus Circus Casino.
The Stratosphere is just to the north.
Another view of the Stratosphere, a bit closer.
Arriving at the Ethyl M Chocolates for the Cactus Garden Holiday Lights
Cactus and palms dressed up with holiday lights.
Main walkway away from the buildings into the cactus garden.
A look back at the buildings from the start of the garden.
Reindeer apparently play here.
Going inside for a snack and photospheres.
Back out for a walk around.
Taking a stroll through the colorful cactus
Subtle candy hints, but not too many.
Getting some night macro photos.
A friendly looking cactus.
Colorful prickly pears
Colorful prickly pears
Red prickly pears
Purple yucca
Palms lit up overhead.
Glowing red palm
A quiet purple prickly pear.
Cereus jamacaru I am thinking.
Small barrel cacti
A deep blue treatment
Glowing pink prickly pear
Yucca in purple.
Maybe a barbary fig wearing red
Yucca in classic green.
Prickly pear done in green.
Cereus jamacaru in purple.
Possibly a San Pedro cactus wearing red
San Pedro cactus in pink.
Tall San Pedro cactus in red.
Big prickly pear patch in blinking red.
Prickly pear in white.
Getting some big chocolate photos. Not edible!
Some of the delicious looking treats available at Ethyl M Chocolates.
These barrels definitely caught my attention.
Having a fun time at the giant chocolate display.
Wondering how long it would take to get to the center...
Truffles? Yes, please!
The dark chocolate ones appeal to me.

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