2016Mar Roatan Dive 4: CoCoView Wall by Willis Chung
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  2. 2016Mar Roatan Dive 4: CoCoView Wall2016Mar Roatan Dive 4: CoCoView Wall
A giant goliath grouper! About 4 feet long! I had a telephoto macro lens, naturally!
I can spot things before Ben does if they are massive! Taken in Roatan, Hounduras
Here is the goliath grouper in profile
Lobster eyes
Spotted moray eel
Ridged cactus coral
Spotted this green moray eel on the move, and got into position a bit too late
Mudskipper believing that I can't see him
Young creole wrasse
Another damselfish face
Scrawled filefish face
Another giant anemone, still couldn't find any shrimp
French grunt face
A classic donkey dung sea cucumber
Yellowhead wrasse
One of the few schoolmasters I saw, hanging out in a coral bowl.
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