Sharpnose puffers dining on jellyfish by Willis Chung
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  2. 2016Mar Roatan Dive 2 Prince Albert2016Mar Roatan Dive 2 Prince Albert
  3. Sharpnose puffers dining on jellyfishSharpnose puffers dining on jellyfish

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Item information:

Ben and I check our cameras out before diving
Lobsters galore! Near start platform
Side view for the mug shot
Ben getting some lobster photos
More lobster action
Sharptail puffers were easy to take photos of
Tiny masked goby
Small pillar coral
Cautious brown garden eel
Yet another sharptail puffer photo
Coral encrustation on a ladder at the Prince Albert
I believe this to be a dimpled sheet coral
Plenty of large leaf hanging vine, a green algae
A hamlet of some kind, not sure which
A threespot damselfish checking me out
French grunt face
Many large lionfish here, three in this little cave
A spotfin butterflyfish
Sharpnose puffers dining on jellyfish
Lobster near the Prince Albert

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