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Item information:

Interesting reflections of travellers in overhead glass at Houston airport
Boarding for Roatan
Our 737,  much nicer than the ATRs we flew on last year to Dominica
Plenty of overhead bin space for scuba camera gear!
A 737 looks spacious through a 10.5mm superwide!
This is _not_ were we stayed in Roatan!
We were the second plane to arrive...
Ben wondering why I am taking photos of our plane
We don't normally get to see all this up close
Our luggage arrives from the plane
Lots of paperwork being done while waiting for the third plane to arrive.
Our luggage is fully unloaded and scanned before any of us get through Immigration
The third plane arrives
Looks like it is sneaking up on this guy
Ground crew very professional
Waiting for the signal to start work.
I don't get this view of airliners very often at airports in the US (Taken at Roatan, Honduras on the tarmac while waiting in line for Immigration)
Scuba gear, black seems to be the choice
This is not all her luggage!
Lots of calm stray dogs around
Friendly faces
At the dock for the very short boat ride to CoCo View Resort
A sleeping dog
that woke up hearing my camera
Another friendly face
Staff from CoCo View heading home
Our luggage arrives!
Leaving the dock, luggage coming on another boat
Boat turned around, we can see the resort's boats
The CoCo View Resort fleet
Our home for the week!

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