2016Jul Cherry Creek Arts Festival by Willis Chung
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  2. 2016Jul Cherry Creek Arts Festival2016Jul Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Walking around the afternoon before the festival
Watching people get their stands set up for the festival tomorrow.
Warm evening, pretty flower boxes
Happy daisies, happy people since it wasn't too hot or raining!
Pretty inviting displays
Packing crates stand out because of their color.
Monochrome rectangles vs colored spheres
Wiring up the lights
The cherry sculpture moves around for photo ops
What would we do without cordless drills?
A long way from home.
The food court getting set up as well
Organized quite well inside.
Grill coming through!
Seating area to be
Red shirts.
This must be Emerging Artist Row.
Getting a late start compared to the neighbors.
The photos inside echo the windows on the building
Toyota getting their cars set up in their display.
More pretty flowers
Lots of trailers and vans moving around slowly.
Prepartions to feed the people.
More heavy grill action
Lots of things on wheels.
All this gets set up then taken down in a few days.
Smoothies to be.
Ahhh, so this is where the trash cans come from!
Drinks in quantity as well!
Looking towards the cloudy sunset, not as attractive as the photos of a sunset.
Instant display, just add art!
One of these things is not like the other...
A convenient place to park while setting up.
Building the stalls requires cooperation.
Here is the back side of the parked van. Nice to be able to unload easily!
Calling to see if there is any more blue tape to be had.
Tubs for ice and drinks are delivered
Here are the drinks before dunking
Unpacking for an audience.
Quite a few ladders in use.
Relaxing after getting set up.
Resting before the crowds come tomorrow.
Great designs at this stall!
Bright skirt and cap complement the art pieces.
Judge interviewing a young artist
Pointing out the interesting details
Hor d'oeuvres sent around to the artists.
More explanations for judges
The judging seems to be going well
Passing on the hor d'oeuvres.
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