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  3. 2016Apr Iceland Day 7: Akureyri to Godafoss2016Apr Iceland Day 7: Akureyri to Godafoss
  4. Now this is paperwork organization I really like!Now this is paperwork organization I really like!

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Great street signs, need to be long though
Quite a few things to do in Akureyri!
Viking baby gear!
Fuzzy trolls
Our favorite place in Akureyri!  Dipped caramel soft serve ice milk!  Mmmmm...
Going north and east from Akureyri we come to Svalbarðseyri, across the fjord.
We stumble upon in Safnasafnið, the folk museum at Svalbarðseyri
The bus driver doesn't realize how well he compliments the statue
Fun exhibits inside!
Photos must be taken!
Simple, but fun and attractive art!
Shades of Mondrian!
A nice surprise to find some faces looking back
The classic group of statues near the entrance
Egg on wall.  A different interpretation of breakfast?
Now this is paperwork organization I really like!
More photos of photos!
Love the old machines with Kronur markings
I have a weakness for birds, even if they are crochet birds!
Great views from the library
Bright colors to help with dark winters
Multi-colored sunburst
Taking advantage of the early summer sun outside
Wonderful view of Akureyri in the distance
I do wish we had more time to sit and read a bit.
Life imitating art!
Heading out. We were gifted with a free visit, joining a group from the University of Akureyri.
Great that we got a chance to see inside!
Svalbarðskirkja with Akureyri across the fjord
Now for some lighthouse photos at Svalbarðseyri
Oh, some eider ducks first!
Eider ducks in formation
Svalbarðseyri lighthouse
Svalbarðseyri lighthouse looking north
Svalbarðseyri lighthouse, wide angle sun flare perspective
Svalbarðskirkja peeking up over a farm
Godafoss, waterfall very close to Ring Road
Arriving at Godafoss, we join other hardy photographers.
Contemplating on next photo-op.
Moving a bit closer, optically
Now physically a bit closer, 60mm normal perspective...
Now watching the photographers at 300mm.
Then back out to 35mm, for a medium wide angle.
And now superwide, 10.5mm on DX crop, equivalent to a 16mm on FX.  No physical motion involved!
Still a bit of snow on the ground in early summer.
Peggy contemplating a photo.
Looking good this way!
Looking great in this direction!
Other photographers looking for good angles.  Experienced wide angle shooters are low to the ground!
Sometimes I am too lazy to crouch, though!
Looking back to the ring road from the Godafoss.

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