2016Apr Iceland Day 2: Keflavik to Patreksfjörður by...
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  3. 2016Apr Iceland Day 2: Keflavik to Patreksfjörður2016Apr Iceland Day 2: Keflavik to Patreksfjörður
  4. Driving north from Reykjavik, we quickly find mountains in the backgroundDriving north from Reykjavik, we quickly find mountains in the background

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Driving north from Reykjavik, we quickly find mountains in the background
Pleasant surroundings, but the restaurant is closed.  Too early in the season
Still within bus distance of Reykjavik
First of many pullouts used for photography
Pretty towns on the edges of the fjord
Great views from the house
Junction of 60 and 690, where they built a road right across the fjord
Here is a photosphere of that spot
Our trusty Kia Sorrento, with auto trans and AWD, kept us safe and warm.  Studded snow tires!
Power lines crossing Þorskafjordur
Photosphere of the power line anchors
Another view of our car, expensive at $100/day, but worth every penny!  We took all the insurances
View east from the other side of Þorskafjordur
View of Rt 60 that we had driven up
Small neat farms in the distance
Photosphere of Þorskafjordur
Starting to descend along another fjord
Odd harvesters sitting in the water
Maybe to catch very slow, stupid fish?
The first of many unidentified waterfalls in WestFjords.
Many small islands south of WestFjords
Try again, with a foreground rock for interest!
Slightly different view of the waterfall
Arrived on Patreksfjörður, visiting the harbor
Lovely older fishing boats in Patreksfjörður (Visited the WestFjords in Iceland in late spring/early summer.)
More modern boats nearby
Some really beautiful larger fishing boats
Sun gradually setting over Patreksfjörður
Looking south across Patreksfjörður, the fjord, not the town.  More remote over on that side!
Sun setting over the creamy sea in Patreksfjörður (WestFjords, Iceland, visited late spring/early summer)
We got a Kinder egg set at the Duty Free store at Keflavik!
Had some fun photographing these guys in the window at sunset.  Superwide...
Regular wide angle
Some close up action
More fun
Let's play!
Grunt!  These got stolen out of our luggage on the way home from Reykjavik.  :(
Skateboarding in the sunset
I ate a lot of chocolate that night!
More sunset from our room in the FossHotel WestFjords

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