2016Apr Iceland Day 12: Höfn Harbor by Willis Chung
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Returned to Höfn for the evening. The fishing boats have come in as well.
Now that's a boat!
Big fish processing center at the docks
More modest fishing vessels at Höfn
Seaman's Monument at Óslandsvegur, dedicated to sailors lost at sea.
Fishing boat headed out of Höfn harbor
"Monuments to the fishermen and fishing of Hornafirði and Austfirðir" is my best guess.
Another look out east over Vatnajökull National Park
We had several tasty, reasonably priced meals here! Lobster roll plus the fish and chips. Yummy!
An old fishing boat for us to play on.
Fisheye fun with fishing boat
Looks spacious with a superwide!
Looking out from the play boat to the real boats
Getting the sweep of the mast in a single frame, standing next to it!
We didn't make it up to the bridge area! Darn!
The little boat looks fast!
I like the orange and black paint scheme. Would stand out against the sea.
The boat bow on gives me a feeling of movement, contrasted by the boat in profile. Pleasing...
Cod for dinner?
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