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  3. A drizzly morning at the Zion LodgeA drizzly morning at the Zion Lodge

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A drizzly morning at the Zion Lodge
Not a promising looking start to the day, but hope springs eternal
Ridge to the west of Zion Lodge
Ridge to the north of Zion Lodge
This is our breakfast view.  Nobody on the terrace this morning.
Main building at Zion Lodge, superwide view
Heading south on Floor of the Valley Road, heading out of the main part of the park.
Only vehicles with passes for Zion Lodge are permitted on this road, so we stopped to take photos.
Photo from a Hyundai advertising brochure?
Getting some photos along the Virgin River
Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah, USA (South of Zion Lodge,)
Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah, USA
At the junction with Highway 9, we will be heading to the right.
Looking straight north back towards Zion Lodge
Looking northeast back along Floor of the Valley Road
Travel brochure photo of the junction signage.
Yesterday we were permitted to turn left and go to the lodge!
Heading north on Kolob Terrace Road, north of Zion Canyon.  Serious tree kill.
Pretty sandstone formations rising from the slopes.
Turn near the Grapevine Trailhead
Climbing past Left Fort Trailhead
Looking to the south along Kolob Terrace Road
Looking to the south along Kolob Terrace Road
An Egyptian priest's head with crown?
Clouds breaking up with sagebrush foreground. Looking pretty good!
Afternoon sun coming out from under clouds lighting up the ridges
Hoodoos getting the benefit of the afternoon sun
Taking a stop near the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead, looking at Pine Valley Peak
Very inviting trails.  Wish we had more time and gear!
We couldn't resist taking a little walk.
Another Hyundai advertising brochure shot!
Turning oak leaves, I think
Pine Valley Peak towering over the plain.
Dry stream beds at the base of Pine Valley Peak
Other peaks to the east of Pine Valley Peak
Superwide view of Pine Valley Peak and hillside
Walking back to the car, fall colors coming!
Swirling sagebrush and appearance of swirling pines from superwide
Further up the road, we hit a stand of aspen and oak.
Aspen in glorious yellow and orange of the fall
Golden aspen leaves
More aspen leaf action.
Layered aspen leaf colors
More reds in these leaves
Fall aspen colors
Fall aspen colors (Zion National Park, Utah, Kolob Terrace Road)
Fall aspen colors
Fall aspen colors
Fall aspen colors
Driving along the east of Kolob Reservoir, past the east boundary of the National Park.
Aspens and burnt pine trees above Kolob Reservoir.
Great place to camp and play outside!
Great location here, overlooking the reservoir.
Heading back down through the National Park,  south along Kolob Terrace Road, sagebrush in bloom.
Sagebrush in bloom, Zion National Park
Tabernacle Dome, Zion National Park, Utah
Blooming sagebrush, Zion National Park, Utah
Ridge on edge, blooming sagebrush, Zion National Park, Utah (Kolob Terrace Road)
Dropping down going south on Kolob Terrace Road
Getting a meal at a cafe, we are joined by this squirrel
Curious squirrel
Cautious squirrel
Pensive squirrel
Checking on the status of our sandwiches.
This is our view as we ate a late lunch.
Climbing E Kolob Canyon Road in the northern section of Zion National Park.  A recent shower!
E Kolob Canyon Road, Zion National Park
Afternoon sun coming out, E Kolob Canyon Road, Zion National Park
Low afternoon light highlighting the aspen leaves as they turn.
A view of Paria Point as we go into the hairpin turn
Afternoon light on oak leaves
Clouds spilling over Timber Top Mountain, Zion National Park, Utah.
Shuntavi Butte in afternoon light.
Paria Point, I believe
Clouds coming over Timber Top Mountain.
Clouds and Timber Top Mountain
Clearing over Timber Top Mountain
Kolob Canyon viewpoint
Clouds between Paria Point and Beatty Point on the left.
Clouds below Beatty Point
Clouds below Beatty Point
Clouds over Horse Ranch Mountain
Clouds between Nagunt Mesa and Timber Top Mountain.
Clouds streaming over ridge about Shuntavi Butte
A mountain bluebird checks if we have any food
Bluebird taking off. Clearly 1/80th of a second is way too slow!
Kolob View Point, Zion National Park Shuntavi Butte.
Smaller rocks to the south of Shuntavi Butte
Clouds crossing the ridge above Shuntavi Butte
More peaks to the south, Red Butte?
South from Kolob View Point.
More clouds coming in from the north west
Sagebrush flowers up close
Kolob Canyon Overlook, Zion National Park
Shuntavi Butte, Zion National Park

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