2015Oct Newport Mansions by Willis Chung
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Visiting the mansions in Newport, starting at the Breakers
Breezy day in Newport
Finally able to take some photos from the balcony
At The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island
Fisheye action
Peggy taking some photos
Great house on the water
House details
Glimpse of the Cliff Walk
Outside of The Breakers
Walking around to the shore side
Superwide action again
Back patio view
Just a little place at the shore...
Watching the watchers
Here is the Cliff Walk. Intriguing...
The Breakers from the ocean
Starting on the Cliff Walk. Looks like it will rain...
Love this house on the water!
The path is paved for a bit
And then not paved
Another view of the big white house
The garden house of Marble House comes into view.
Looking back to the white house
So close... We can't get to Marble House from the Cliff Walk
Great sign on a shed next to the path.
Tunnel under the cliff at Marble House. Shelter from the rain that was falling pretty hard
The Cliff Walk continues on for another few miles, well beyond Marble House.
Back tracking at bit, we leave the Cliff Walk to visit Marble House
Marble Lions!
Taking a walk up the drive after our tour inside
I waited a while for the setting sun to come out and hit the garden house.
Looking back to the white house
Marble House getting set up for a wedding
Taking our leave of Newport
Time to head back to the car!
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