2015Mar Dominica Dive 8: Champagne Reef by Willis Chung
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  2. 2015Mar Dominica Dive 8: Champagne Reef2015Mar Dominica Dive 8: Champagne Reef
Juvenile princess parrotfish in front of what may be a juvenile stoplight parrotfish
Young porcupinefish
One of the rare schools of smallmouth grunts
Creole wrasse feeding
Juvenile spanish hogfish
Pederson cleaner shrimp next to corkscrew anemone
Blackbar soldierfish
A grey frogfish
Flounder of some sort
Flounder eyes
Scorpionfish waiting to get cleaned by the shrimp
Ben checks out the bubbles at Champagne Reef
Here is the hot water emerging from a vent
Bonnie checking the temperature
Ben photographing bubbles
Bubbles at Champagne Reef
Smooth trunkfish adult
Two whitespotted filefish, one with and one without spots
Whitespotted filefish with spots...
Whitespotted filefish without spots...
Tiny juvenile yellowhead wrasse
Sharpnose puffer face
Sharpnose puffer profile
Ben prepares for another photo
Young porcupinefish in the grass
Tiny juvenile grunt, carrying two other smaller larvae!
More juvenile grunts
Juvenile grunt faces
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