2015Mar Dominica Dive 7: Point Guinard by Willis Chung
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Bonnie getting ready to jump in!
Spaghetti worms all over the place
Bonnie getting to depth
Shy coney peeks out at us
Bridled goby and spaghetti worm
Sharpnose puffer profile
Longsnout butterflyfish
Red hind
Damselfish face
Sun anemone shrimp. It is pretty clear and hard to focus on! Asquat anemone shrimp in the corner!
Shot in Dominica, Nikon D800e with 105mm f2.8 VR Micro Nikkor. Aquatica D800e enclosure with triple YS-110a strobes
Squat anemone shrimp
Another seahorse view
This scorpionfish swam up as we were taking photos of the seahorses
High contrast fins
Great patterns on the scorpionfish
Crab face
Crab in barrel sponge
Lots of spines there!
One armed banded coral shrimp
Juvenile spotted drum.
Spotted moray eel and banded coral shrimp
Fireworm in sponge
A sharknose goby shows up to look for business
Tiny juvenile smooth trunkfish swimming around
Tiny juvenile smooth trunkfish. 6-8mm long!
Shot with a Nikon D800e with 105mm f2.8 VR in Aquatica AD800 housing and triple YS-110a strobes.
Goldentail moray eel, Dominica
Love the color of the eyes!
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