2015Jun Boston MFA Snack by Willis Chung
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  2. 2015Jun Boston MFA Snack2015Jun Boston MFA Snack
Establishing shot, welcome to Boston
Walking from the Viridian for a quick lunch visit to the MFA
The Pru is a good landmark
Walking across the Fens
There's the MFA
Boston geese
Crossing the actual Back Bay Fens
Walking up to the Fenway Entrance
Big heads, sort of like Easter Island, but rounder
Darn! I wish I had thought to superimpose the fountain with the mouth...
Quick walk across the central part of the museum
Tall and green...
Spiky and shiny at the same time
Now into more classical art
Sculpture, antiquities
Restrooms? Over there.
At the central rotunda
Pleasant face and background
Modern art as well
At a cafe for a quick lunch
Mug shot photo 1
Mug shot photo 2
Back across the Fens.
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