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  2. 2015Aug Rocky Mountain Natl Park: Old Fall River Road2015Aug Rocky Mountain Natl Park: Old Fall River Road
Perfect day for the park, early morning drive up through Longmont .
Inside the park, starting to climb towards Old Fall River Road
Stopped to grab some thistle photos. Couldn't resist it!
Families enjoying the stream at Hidden Valley
Old Fall River Road, one way and dirt
Easy driving as long as it is dry
Stopped at Chasm Falls for some photos. Bees visiting the fireweed
Many flies were also feeding on the fireweed
Just a pretty photo. Fireweed
Chasm Falls in all its glory
More bees and fireweed
Three flies on this fireweed blossom
Hidden fly
Glorious day for a drive in the mountains. Fisheye superwide distortion: the road is straight
Daylight moon
Taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, 25% crop. Nikon D800e, 300mm f2.8 VR + TC17II, shot on tripod
Orange paintbrush
Western goldenrod past its prime
A very busy yarrow flower head.
Violet aster in the foreground
Looking up to the ridgeline. Trees give sense of how big the spires are
Daylight moon through the pines
Again, about a 25% crop. 500mm (300mm x 1.7) shot full frame on D800e
Looking back down the valley, the way I drove up.
Across the valley, the snow is melting and creating these waterfalls
Dead trees, live trees
Marmot action! After about 15 minutes of waiting quietly, I found I had some company
Facing off, looking to establish dominance
Attack! Airborne marmot!
They scampered off when cars approached
Gathering nesting material
Looking back across the valley at the melting snowpack
Here come more visitors!
Young pine tree at the edge of the road
After another wait, I got more marmot action
He was being very careful
Peace and quiet in the mountains...
What are you looking at?
This was what the marmot was looking out at
Driving on, took a little walk along the stream
Trees hit by lightning, I suppose
Another beautiful valley, higher up near the treeline
Nice spot for a snack, a little valley towards the top
Rosy paintbrush
Rosy paintbrush, looking at the bristles
Beautiful cinqfoil blooms
Beuatiful cinqfoil hosting some flies for lunch
Beautiful cinqfoil and a common housefly
Two bull elk hiding in the woods
Elk in a high meadow, above the treeline
Bull elk enjoying the sun
Taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, Old Fall River Road, near the top. Nikon 800e, 300mm f2.8 VR + TC17II, on tripod
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