2015Apr Dominica Dive 9: Scottshead Point by Willis...
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  3. Amazing Christmas Tree Hydriod,Amazing Christmas Tree Hydriod,

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Amazing Christmas Tree Hydriod,
Large porcupinefish.  He has gotten pretty beaten up!
Remora under the porcupinefish! (Taken in Dominica, Nikon D800e, Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR Micro Nikkor in Aquatica AD800 enclosure with triple YS-110a strobes)
Busy anemone, shrimp, juvenile wrasse, damselfish
Crab hiding in a crevasse
Hard fan coral
I can finally see the head and body of the Pedersen cleaner shrimp! Next to a corkscrew anemone.
Fire worm from a distance (relatively speaking)
Fire worm up close
I like the backlighting of the anemone
Scorpionfish head
Scorpionfish eye
This crab says, "Stay away!"
Featherduster worm
Notice the refractions in the eye of this glasseye snapper
Arrow crab
Arrow crab 1/4 profile
Arrow crab under chin view
Larvae staying near urchin for protection
Shy rock beauty
Tiny crab hiding next to anemone

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