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  3. Some flower and bee photos with the 105mm VR MicroSome flower and bee photos with the 105mm VR Micro

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Item information:

Some flower and bee photos with the 105mm VR Micro
Hard to resist these pretty flowers
Amir Tiger on the move in front of visitor window
The 300 f2.8 VR with TC17 combo at work
Kitty at rest
Butterfly settled down nearby, 500mm macro work!
Flamingo in profile
Keeping an eye on me
Baby Black Rhino, Janine
Baby black rhino Janine and mom, Azizi (Nikon D7100 300mm f2.8 VR + TC17 on monopod)
Daughter and Mom
Baby rhino on the move
Takes a lot of hay to get this big in 2 years
Rhino eyelashes
Even lions get hot in the sun
Galapagos Tortoise  with some scars from dueling
Here's the other contestant
The 300mm is a bit much when the elephants are up close
I didn't realize the trunks were so hairy
Dual elephants
Striped lawnmower
Get out of my way!
Check out that mohawk
Western lowland gorilla male posing
Here is his good side
Mother and one year old baby gorilla
Friendly giraffe
He's wondering if he can eat the notebook (Masai giraffe visiting with a zoo guest, Pittsburgh Zoo.  Nikon D7100 300mm f2.8 VR + TC17 on monopod)
I like the reflection in her sunglasses
A bit closer, with the 300mm without the TC17
Friendly face
You've got something on your lip...
The California sea lions were getting a workout and feeding
They were very attentive
The nictitating membrane covers the eye underwater
Yes, a little skunk, moving fast
A kangaroo, not moving whatsoever
The American alligator, also not moving
Butterfly macro work at 500mm (300/2.8 + TC17)

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