Tomato flowers by Willis Chung
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  2. 2014May Frick Mansion and Park, Pittsburgh PA2014May Frick Mansion and Park, Pittsburgh PA
  3. Tomato flowersTomato flowers

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Item information:

Purple poppy on grounds of Frick Mansion
Bleeding hearts with tiny drops of water
More bleeding hearts
Nasturtiums in greenhouse
Profile view
Orchids maybe in greenhouse
Hibiscus stamen and pistil in greenhouse (Potted hibiscus in the Frick Mansion greenhouse, Pittsburgh, PA Nikon D7100 105mm Micro Nikkor)
Tomato flowers
Eventually become tomatoes
Outside greenhouse
Hoverfly approaching thistle
Tiny aphids on thistle bud
Frick Mansion with superwide
More superwide action
Bees checking out azelea blossoms
Climbing out of an azelea
Walking into Frick Park
Bluets coming out in small bunches
Jack in the pulpit
A tiny red velvet mite scrambled out
Caught this bee hovering near a fence.  Took only about 100 shots
The verbena is starting to bloom, at least this might be verbena!
Small flies in dandelion
A crawdad came out of the leaves towards me (Along one of the trails in Frick Park, Pittsburgh, PA.  At least 1/4 mile from any stream.  Nikon D7100 105mm Micro Nikkor)
About 4 inches long
What a face!  It liked my lens and followed me around

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