2014Mar - Scuba Camera Dome Port Helmet by Willis Chung
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  2. 2014Mar - Scuba Camera Dome Port Helmet2014Mar - Scuba Camera Dome Port Helmet
The problem: dome port in carry-on case
Too fragile to be unprotected!
Hmm, steamer tray from rice cooker!
Gosh, it just about fits!
This model rice cooker
Mark edge to be removed to fit inside shade
Nip with wire cutters
With pliers, bend and break off ledge.
Better to break off too little than too much...
Keep going around to the end of the cutout
Use small Shurform file to clean up edge
Clean up bottom of edge and round it gently.
Fits great! No part of the helmet touches the dome itself.
The neoprene cover fits over it all
Everything fits in the case just like before.
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