2014Mar Macro shots: Nikon 105 VR by Willis Chung
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  2. 2014Mar Macro shots: Nikon 105 VR2014Mar Macro shots: Nikon 105 VR
Bleeding hearts with tiny drops of water
Complex stamen in greenhouse
Tomato flowers
Hoverfly approaching thistle
Tiny aphids on thistle bud
Bluets coming out in small bunches
A tiny red velvet mite scrambled out
What a face! It liked my lens and followed me around
Some tools on my electronic workbench
A chip I removed with my hot air rework station
Cap from a scuba strobe cable
Markings on a Nikon lens
Markings on an old Tamron mirror telephoto
A very cute little stuffed cat
Wheel lock
A sign at Carnegie-Mellon University
An insect cocoon on the sign
Swirl marks from the cocoon being blown around by the wind.
The humble zipper
Circuit board action!
Gates building at Carnegie Mellon University
Pedestrian bridge connecting buildings at Carnegie Mellon
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