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Shooting a Nikon 60mm f2.8 macro today
Banded butterfly fish in the shallows
A doctorfish between light and dark phases
Curious juvenile beaugregory or cocoa damselfish, not sure which one
A little moray eel
A peppermint goby on brain coral (Taken in Bonaire, D90 60mm Nikkor Micro, Aquatica enclosure, triple YS-110a strobes.)
Sharpnose puffer
Blue chromis
Pederson cleaner shrimp in a corkscrew anemone.
The Pederson cleaner shrimp came out to ask for work
Not sure what these juveniles will become.
Bridled Goby, extra contrast added in Lightroom
Bridled Goby, mug shot
A yellownose goby
Corkscrew anemone, where Pederson cleaner shrimp like to hang out.
Brown chromis.  Schools of hundreds to thousands
Trumpetfish in yellow
Princess parrotfish giving me a smile
Sergeant major on patrol.  Not so many here as in Key Largo
This sharpnose puffer nipped a bit off the Christmas tree worm just after I took the photo
Fewer french angelfish this week than on our previous two visits in 2012
Blue tang taking a bite of the reef
Peppermint goby, about an inch long
A larger spotted moray eel let me get pretty close
Three Pederson cleaner shrimp at a huge nest
Appropriately named long-spined urchin
Female rosy razorfish.  The razorfish can bury itself amazingly quickly in the sand.
Male rosy razorfish in the shallows
Razorfish with foureye butterflyfish in the background
Another sharpnose puffer
Flamingo tongue snail at rest
Schools of these small masked gobies are easy to find.
Trumpetfish hiding along a stovepipe sponge
Plenty of red hinds this trip
A pair of feeding foureye butterflyfish
A cocoa damselfish with the black spot at the base of its tail
Yellowhead wrasse, initial phase
Ben spotted this West Indian sea egg in the shallows
Sanddiver showing me his teeth
Sergeant major with dusky coloration
Rock beauty
This balloonfish really didn't want to have its photo taken
A spotted spiny lobster I spotted crawling out from under the coral
A barred hamlet being watched over by a cocoa damselfish
A trumpetfish in blue coloration
A foureye butterflyfish showing me the extra eye
Trumpetfish in orange-green coloration
A red hind peeking out
Brown chromis asking for cleaning from juvenile wrasse
A yellownose goby cleaning a much larger schoolmaster
Yellownose goby cleaning a large schoolmaster
Arrow crab guards the eggs
Squirrelfish with its orange dorsal fin
A lettuce leaf slug moving from left to right
Ben taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him.  We take test shots before submerging.
Cameras checked, we are ready to go!
Cocoa damselfish, with the dark spot on the base of its tail
Tiny masked goby
Sharptail eel figuring out the best way to get away from the pesky scuba divers (Taken in Bonaire, Nikon D90 60mm Nikkor Micro, Aquatica enclosure, triple YS-110a strobes.)
A petite spotted moray eel
A barred hamlet trying to be inconspicuous
A soapfish not laying down. Normally they just lay on their sides on the sand.
Flamingo tongue snail on the move in the sand
Harlequin bass in the shallows
Yellow goatfish.  Don't know why this one is reddish
Another tiny masked goby
Banded butterflyfish
Trying to focus on the butterflyfish, got the masked goby instead.  Note the goby in the background
Banded butteryflyfish face
Stunningly flourescent fairy basslet
Red hind watching me
Barracuda.  Not so many here as in Key Largo.  Smaller here as well
Spines of a reef urchin
A long-spined urchin
The spines wave around in a pretty lively manner
Rock beauty
Yet another fearless sharpnose puffer.
Very attractive hard coral in a coral crevasse
A white spotted filefish
More masked gobies
A stoplight parrotfish showing some excellent dentition
Arrow crab protecting its nest in the shallows (Taken in Bonaire, D90 60mm Nikkor Micro, Aquatica enclosure, triple YS-110a strobes.)
This iguana was guarding the path to the parking lot at Andrea I.  Waiting for cookies?

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