Gido tries out my camera rig, as Sven and I pose by...
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  2. 2014Mar Bonaire Scuba Fisheye 10.5mm2014Mar Bonaire Scuba Fisheye 10.5mm
  3. Gido tries out my camera rig, as Sven and I poseGido tries out my camera rig, as Sven and I pose

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Item information:

Snappers meeting under the dock at Buddy Reef.  First time in the water with the 10.5mm fisheye.
Ben photographing the snappers under the dock (Taken at the Buddy Dive dock in Bonaire.  Nikon D90, 10.5mm Nikkor, in Aquatica AD90 enclosure, triple YS-110a strobes)
Going deeper at Buddy Reef
The classic boat fisheye shot
A blackbar soldierfish avoids me
More blackbar soldierfish hiding from Ben
A 2 foot long schoolmaster tries to keep its distance from both Ben and I (Taken in Bonaire, Nikon D90 10.5mm Nikkor, Aquatica enclosure, triple YS-110a strobes.)
Checking the shallows again
Stove pipe sponges form above
More blackbar soldierfish hiding from Ben
Red hind deciding I had gotten too close
Bicolor damselfish emerging from diffuse ivory bush coral.  I am a foot away from the coral.
A red phase stoplight parrotfish
French angelfish
Ben swimming next to a school of smallmouth grunts
Juvenile wrasse of some sort, probably bluehead
Another red hind escapes from the scuba photographer
A giant anemone
Blue tang munching on the coral
A trumpetfish hiding in front of an angular sea whip
Over-under shot, checking our cameras at Tori's Reef.  Note our pickup in the background
Brown chromis school
Exiting at Tori's Reef, we come across this school of feeding blue tang entering the inlet
I believe this to be a houndfish, feeding on the many small fish in the inlet
Some of the fish schooling in the shallows of the inlet
Ben removes his fins while the little fish keep him company
The dining room and kitchette at Carribean Club Resort
Ben relaxing with his equipment at CCR
Good sized bathroom, made larger with the fisheye lens
Looks spacious, doesn't it?
Gido and Sven at the desk at Carribean Club Resort
Gido tries out my camera rig, as Sven and I pose
A nice place to make home base with helpful, friendly people

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