Hot work, cool water by Willis Chung
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  4. Hot work, cool waterHot work, cool water

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Item information:

A quick walk from Central Station takes us to the Royal Palace
Climbing the ramp to the central entrance, we are greeted by many windows and a member of the Royal Guard
The members of the Guard are much friendlier than British guards (A young lady getting her picture taken with a Royal Guard at the entrance to the Royal Palace, Stockholm.)
Some of the youngsters aren't sure they should get close to a guard
We arrive just before noon, in time to see the changing of the guard.
This guard had a tough job trying to keep the parade ground clear of tourists.
Shiny!  Pointy as well.  I might be able to see myself...
Marching out to clear a path for the band
Eyeballing the crowd
The square is ready
Returning from clearing a hole for the band
Guard keeping a eye on the crowd
The crowd keeping an eye on a Swedish Royal Guard (Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  Very interested spectators. :))
Arming up
The current guards marching out
Going up the square
In place for presentation
Enter the band
Pivot left
Formed up, ready to make some noise
The new guard unit enters
to martial music.
I can't see myself, darn!
Marinens Musikkår, the band of the Swedish navy
Refreshments for the band
Hot work, cool water
Big brass, more water
Guards from new unit forming up another rank
Music resumes for marching
The morning's guards march to the rear of the square
The afternoon Guard unit formed up
The process takes some time
The colors are displayed
Perimeter guards report in before relief arrives
Fresh Guard unit breaks formation
The band retires
Relief Guard briefed by retiring Guard
Rifles rested, rather neatly
Morning Guard unit retiring
New perimeter guard
Marching to new post (Member of the Royal Guard reporting to hew new post in at the Royal Palace in Stockholmt)
Reporting in (Member of the Royal Guard at her new post in the Royal Palace)
Handoff completed
On station

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