2014Apr Spring in Pittsburgh by Willis Chung
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It was a pretty harsh winter here in the east. Ice glazes the cherry tree outside my office window
One of the last snowfalls
An hour or so later
A neighbor's bearded crocus, the first I've seen this year!
Another crocus nearby
Pushing up out of the ground
The same crocus a few days later
Getting closer with my new Nikon 105 VR
Purple crocuses in our backyard
Just starting to bloom
A rabbit's eye view of the flowers
A bee's view of the flowers
Another crocus starting to bloom
Powerful purples!
Purple crocus in the backyard. Nikon D7100 105mm Micro Nikkor. No additional saturation added in Lightroom!
Slightly damp crocuses in the backyard
Lined up, but not for long
Nature's magnifiers
Slightly damp Pittsburgh...
More yellow
This branch will have many cherries later
The cherry tree is starting to bud
Now peeking inside the crocuses
Embracing the sun
Shadow play
In a bunch!
Stripey jumpers
Checking in at the daffodil
Walking the perimeter
The climb out
Coming in
We need air traffic control here
Resting after a prolonged hover
You are cleared to land
Going in for a closer look
This is my flower
Short final approach
Nikon D7100 105mm Micro Nikkor
White crocus opening up
Peeking inside a crocus
Cleaning up after lunch
Found this bee cleaning his antennae after exploring the inside of the crocus. Nikon D7100 105mm Micro Nikkor
Bees take little naps, it turns out
Cherry tree buds
Raining in Pittsburgh...
And wait for it...
This jay was quite noisy, complaining about the rain maybe
Starting to snow, in mid April
The droplets are growing
Cherries past, and hints of cherries future
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