2014Apr CMU Carnival with Wayne and Weston by Willis...
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  2. 2014Apr CMU Carnival with Wayne and Weston2014Apr CMU Carnival with Wayne and Weston
Carnival quiet in the morning
Rides getting set up
What's that duck scared of?
A choice in stuffed lobsters!
Lines just starting to form
Wayne and Weston had gotten in line for tickets
The Ferris Wheel is the first ride of the day
Waiting patiently...
Checking to make sure all is set up properly
Getting ready for lift off...
Hey, is that a squirrel?
Enjoying the late afternoon sun
Off to the Hurricane
This looks like a good one
Let's go! I'm ready!
Posing for photos
Up, up, and away!
Spinning by the Tower of Learning
That was too short!
Back on for another ride!
Do we have enough for the bumper cars?
Yes! Start your engines!
In the clear for a little bit
Who has the right of way here?
This thing turns on a dime!
Ooooh, shiny!
Wayne and Weston have a go in the bumper cars
Pass the Grey Poupon!
Target sighted
Cruising in the clear
What are you doing over there?
Feed in the power, hit the apex of the turn...
Watch your six!
In the groove!
A Simpson themed booth, rather fun, I thought
Weston signing in for us.
Helping Homer Simpson keep the Springfield nuclear reactor core from melting down.
This is going to end badly...
Score one balloon!
Which makes a little breeze
Heading upstairs at another booth
Visiting a Hobbit themed booth. Really nice woodworking details for a one-use exhibit.
Visitors at the round doorway
Waiting in line again
Cool sneaks'
Rising up around the side of the hobbit house
Fighting off the enemies
Pictures, please!
Keeping virtual Mentos from hitting the ground, Wii style
Using the lean
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