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Cherry tree outside my office window
Golden light of the afternoon
500mm mirror telephoto makes donuts in the background
Trying to keep the donuts to a minimum
Morning glory visitor
It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it...
We're going in!
The light at the end of the tunnel
Other little bugs at home in the morning glories
Not as attractive as the bees, but interesting to watch
A young crawler
Bumblebees visiting as well
Ladybug in the distance. I couldn't get close enough to use my macro.
Even the unopened flowers get a visit
On to the next one!
Coming in for a landing
A fly on candytuft flowers
Side view
Afternoon light
Red and green
Checking out the buffet
A cool customer
Standing tall
No cherries were harmed in the making of this photo
Cherry pie, without the pie!
Whatchyou looking at
Just can't get enough
Yummy, but messy
There's the tasty one!
No wonder they make a mess when they eat
Spoiled for choice
Drippy cherries
Red head, red berry
These aren't so low hanging
The cherry tree outside my office window. Low hanging fruit, photographically speaking. Nikon D7100 300mm Nikkor
Checking out my photo gear
Keeping a sharp lookout
So many choices
Narrowing it down
Maybe this one...
That's the ticket
Still life with leaves and bird
Little tweet
Cheeping and peeping
Morning light on the cherries
Small bird, big cherry
Male house finch having breakfast
Cherry chomped
A female house finch eating more daintily
Going all in
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