2013Jan-Feb Chilly Cardinals by Willis Chung
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  2. 2013Jan-Feb Chilly Cardinals2013Jan-Feb Chilly Cardinals
Very cold, windy, snowy day made cheery by the cardinals
A bit later the same day, snowing harder
Bird mohawk
Trying to puff up and resist the gusts
Not a good feather day
On thicker limb, not so much sway
Cold cardinals in Pittsburgh
Windblown cardinal
Snow blowing on cardinal
Cardinals seem to come out in cold weather. This one is in the cherry tree outside my office window, trying to stay out of the blowing snow. Nikon D90 500mm Tamron Mirror
Female cardinal on snowy, wet day
Cardinal standing out against the snow
Nikon D90, 300mm Nikkor, background converted to B&W in Photoshop Elements
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