Queen angelfish annoyed with the paparazzi by Willis...
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  3. Queen angelfish annoyed with the paparazziQueen angelfish annoyed with the paparazzi

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Item information:

Barracuda teeth!
Barracuda taking its cue from the GoPro
Porkfish face
Queen parrotfish taking a bite
Redband parrotfish
Blue parrotfish eating
Yellowtail damselfish
Yellowtail snapper up close
French Angelfish mugshot 1
French angelfish mugshot 2
Green razorfish.  Apparently this one can bite!
Bermuda chubb hanging around a weather tower
Ben using his new Nikon P7100 rig
Female stoplight parrotfish giving me a smile
A pair of juvenile white grunts
Foureye butterflyfish swimming in formation
A gang: juvenile blue tang, clown wrasse, and princess parrotfish
Adult and juvenile bluehead wrasse
Formation of bluehead wrasse juveniles
Very small juvenile grunts clustering around an anemone
A school of silversides behind a coral head
Silversides up close.  Ben has a great shot of the school surrounding a yellowtail snapper
Moon jellies, many of them in the water
Pair of gray angelfish liked our black and white fins and adopted us
What's that black shiny thing you are holding?
They swam with us for a few minutes
Normally gray angelfish are very shy
Foureye butterflyfish
Blue chromis
Young adult cocoa damselfish
Snarpnose puffer
Juvenile bluehead wrasse with princess and redband parrotfish
Blue chromis and juvenile bluehead wrasse
Queen angelfish annoyed with the paparazzi
Dark phase doctorfish
We surprised a small school of creole wrasse hiding under coral
Dusky damselfish teeth
The oddly named white grunt
A large black margate.  They look like pandas to me.
Spotfin butterflyfish
A pair of juvenile redband parrotfish
A juvenile blue parrotfish trying to be ignored
Baby grunts and doctorfish
Juvenile doctorfish and an arrow crab in background
Juvenile threespot damselfish
Purple tips on this anemone
The world's tiniest sergeant major
An orangespotted filefish
Trumpetfish caught in the open
A young bluestriped grunt keeping a spotted goatfish company
Spanish hogfish
A family of sharpnose puffers
Puffers in formation
Brown chromis face
Juvenile puddingwife possibly
Tiny masked goby
Shy bridled goby
Skulking trumpetfish
Curious yellowtail damselfish
Midnight parrotfish just about to eat lunch
Shy sergeant major
Glassy sweepes hiding under a ledge
Goby of some sort hiding in a burrow
Lobster found under a piece of wreckage
Lightning whelk in real life
Lightning whelk face shot
Juvenile clown wrasse and friends
Tiny neon goby (Taken in Key Largo, Nikon D90 60mm Micro Nikkor in Aquatica AD90 enclosure, with dual YS-110a strobes)
A pair of juvenile female queen parrotfish
Ben working with his new P7100
A dark bermuda chubb hanging with grunts
Male stoplight parrotfish showing some teeth
... and followed by a bluehead wrasse
Female stoplight parrotfish giving me a smile
A small rock beauty
Female stoplight parrotfish watching divers descend
The giant green moray eel looking at divers, wondering if there is food
My camera and I got checked over carefully
Green moray running over to check me again for food
Getting the close inspection by the moray eel
Another diver getting a great photo
The eel free swimming

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