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Item information:

White crocus
Striped crocus
The heart of the crocus
Bees visiting small pale purple flowers
Leaning in
Small but tasty
Three flowers, one bee
Tiny white and blue flowers, glory-of-the-snow
Working up to lunch, Solitary clematis
Looking for the salad bar
What's next on the menu
Glory-of-the-snow: Starry white flowers
Shy flower, glory-of-the-snow
Daffodil in the front yard
Rising magnolia blooms in the morning
The pink magnolia tree in the front yard is starting to bloom
Spotted this beetle on the back window of the car
Getting ready for flight
Apple Serviceberry - white flowering trees.
Reaching up for the light and the bees
A bee trying to get to the bottom of these azeleas
Bees are welcome at these azeleas
Forget-me-nots in our neighbor's front yard
Cherries starting their journey
Virginia Bluebells
Virginia Bluebells, current and future
Spring snow flowering crabapple tree
Peek inside a poppy
A hover fly climbing on virginia bluebells
Note the stripes on the hoverfly's abdomen
Hoverfly doing what it does
Poppies standing proud
Tulip inviting visitors
White tulip
Opening tulip
The bees don't wipe their feet
Forget me nots in full sun
Tulips with serrated petal edges!
FIre tulips in neighbor's yard
Poppy facing the sun
Cherry blossoms getting fragrant
Honeyhees were visiting
As were bumblebees
Cherry blossoms not quite ready. Donuts in background from mirror telephoto
Grape hyacinth
Clusters of white flowers on bush, possibly a hydrangea
Creeping phlox and buds
Creeping phlox in periwinkle
Tiny aphid visiting a tulip
Gosh, I don't know what flower this is!
Dandelion head. Spring wouldn't be the same without it
Or without dandelion flowers
Bleeding hearts.  Don't they look like little turtles?
Really the resemblance is uncanny
Blacklit leaves
Tulip backlit
Bees polinating the cherry blossoms
So many flowers to visit!
Inspecting the goodies in the cherry tree
Final approach to a cherry blossom
Bee climbing through cherry blossoms and pollinating them
Bumblebee head on. 500mm manual focus mirror telephoto
Bumblebee climbing into cherry blossom
Honeybee clinging to cherry blossom
Emerging purple and yellow flowers
Hold on tight
Climbing inside
Lunch in a bed of cherry blossoms
After two weeks of glory, the petals are falling
Purple Allium
Allium in the sun
Allium, balls of purple flowers

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