127mm54 gun in the front deck by Willis Chung
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  2. 2012Aug Visiting the Tromp, a Dutch frigate, in Bonaire2012Aug Visiting the Tromp, a Dutch frigate, in Bonaire
  3. 127mm54 gun in the front deck127mm54 gun in the front deck

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Item information:

The MNLMS Tromp, a De Zeven Provincien-class frigate
F803.  They opened up some of the upper superstructure to the public
Probably a sailor returning to the boat
APAR (Active Phased Array Radar) for air and surface tracking plus the
Dutch flag
Oto Melara 127 mm54 dual-purpose gun
Ammunition, keep shut
Keep the door closed
Deck F
Helicopter hangar with space for an NH-90
Here's the Alouette
Goalkeeper CIWS (Close In Weapon System) for aerial threats
Rolling the chopper out
Com or nav antennas
Unfolding and locking the main rotor blades
Looking more ready to fly
Team effort getting the chopper set up
40-cell Mk.41 vertical launch system, the real teeth. SM-2 and Evolved Sea Sparrow missles
Harpoon anti-ship missle quad launcher
I guess they don't need the door today
127mm54 gun in the front deck
Listen up Look! At least two people needed
The bridge with lots of windscreen wipers
The autoloader holds 66 rounds, with a 30 km range
View from the bow
I think this means this door is not to be used when at sea
SMART-L (Signaal Multibeam Acquisition Radar for Tracking, L band) antenna for anti-air work
They are still working on the rotor head
Little boat next to the big boat

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