2012Aug Bonaire scuba diving by Willis Chung
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1000 Steps- Really only 72 Steps
1000 Steps- Porcupinefish
1000 Steps- Banded Coral Shrimp
Yellow Submarine- Sand Diver
Yellow Submarine- Trmpetfish up close
Cliff- Pair of Baned Coral Shrimp
Cliff- Caribbean Reef Squid
Nikon D50 18-70mm Nikkor, Fantasea enclosure, dual Nikonos SB-105 strobes
Cliff- Caribbean Reef Squid closeup
Carl's Hill- Spotted Drum with Lionfish in background
Carl's Hill- Banded Coral Shrimp
Carl's Hill- Pedersen Cleaner Shrimp guarding eggs
Carl's Hill- French grunt, blackbar soldierfish and sergeant major
Yellow Submarine- Scrawled Filefish
Yellow Submarine- French Angelfish up close
Yellow Submarine- Pair of French Angelfish in the shallows
Yellow Submarine- Anemone with cleaner shrimp
Yellow Submarine- White Spined Sea Urchin
Yellow Submarine- Needlefish
Bachelor's Beach- Peeking Moray Eel
Petrie's Pillar- Threespot Damselfish
Petrie's Pillar- Smooth Trunkfish
Petrie's Pillar- Ben getting a photo of a carribean reef squid
Petrie's Pillar- Glasseye Snappers
Petrie's Pillar- Juvenile Barred Hamlet
Tori's Reef- Longjaw Squirrelfish
Tori's Reef- Yellowtail Snapper
Tori's Reef- Spotted Moray Eel on the move
Tori's Reef- Schoolmaster in a barrel
Windsock- Tiger Grouper
Windsock- Juvenile Spotted Drum
Windsock- Queen Angelfish
Windsock- School of Blue Tang
Jeannie's Glory- Spotted Moray Eel
Jeannie's Glory- Arrow Crab up close
Jeannie's Glory- Huge Spiny Sea Urchin 2 feet across!
Punt Verkant- Spotted moray eel and graysby
Punt Verkant- Banded Coral Shrimp
Punt Verkant- Arrow Crab
Jeff Davis- Juvenile threespot damselfish
Jeff Davis- Spanish Hogfish
Jeff Davis- Spanish Hogfish from above
Jeff Davis- Honeycomb Cowfish
Jeff Davis- Honeycomb Cowfish
Jeff Davis- Lionfish up close
Jeff Davis- Lionfish head on
Jeff Davis- Pederson Cleaner Shrimp
Pink Beach- Sergeant Majors on parade
Pink Beach- Spotted Filefish
Pink Beach- Foureye Butterflyfish
Pink Beach- Trumpetfish
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