Statue faces on top floor deck by Willis Chung
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  3. Statue faces on top floor deckStatue faces on top floor deck

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Item information:

Arriving at the visitor center for our tour
Pretty wildflowers in the cafe
Walking down the hill to the house
Our first glimpse of the house through the trees
A lovely wedding cake of a house
A place to sit and enjoy the view
Walking around to the entrance
Peeking in to the living room
Wild blue lupines near the bridge
Large-flowered Trillium on front path
Stairs led to a pool above the waterfall
Looks like it would be chilly swimming in April
Living room decks, coming around to the main entrance
Looking up at the second floor bedroom
Wildflowers on the hill next to the main entrance
Not a very intimidating entrance, rather understated
The kitchen's view of the woods
Statuary head on living room deck
Top end kitchen cabinets
Regular appliances in the kitchen
Aga used to cook for the house
Interesting doors
Just two burners to cook for many people
Top end appliances
Giant, wide, side-by-side fridge
Art deco details
Living room deck from downstream side
Beams over entrance, looking into the son's room
Wild rose spotted walking from kitchen door to front door
Steps up from main floor deck
Fireplace seating area
Drinks in the living room
Dining room and kitchen door
Dining area with builtins
Multifunction stove for the fireplace
Fireplace and seating area
Look at the bedrooms from main floor deck
Peeking down at the waterfall from the main floor deck
Getting down to the pool from the main floor
The hatchway opened!
The solar system at rest
Another view of the statuary head on the main floor deck
Built in couches for the living room
Glass and greenery
More couches in a separate area of the living room
The seats look like they would be comfy for a bit
Office type desk area in the living room
Stairs up to the bedrooms
The guest bedroom
Graceful touches, Tiffany vase
In the guest bedroom, stylish hydration option
and spring flowers
Narrow looking bed, but one half taken out for tours
Master bedroom, cozy
Master bedroom with built-in closets
Details on side table in master bedroom
Master bedroom fireplace. They had to burn wood even with central heating
Checking out the low ceilings
Tiffany lamp and the view from the master bedroom desk
Tiffany lamp up close
The water outside, having already fallen
The view from the master bathroom
Inviting view outside in the dressing room
Dressing room desk
Foldout windows at the dressing room desk
Extra bed in the dressing room
Dressing room bath
Peeking into the dressing room
Looking at the house from the sitting room deck
Statue faces on top floor deck
Top floor office
Books in the top floor office
Little desk in third floor hallway
Son's bedroom on the third floor
Herb garden on third floor deck
Herb garden on the second floor deck
Chives, possibly
Heading back downstairs
Looking from third floor deck to guest house
Little statue on walkway to the guest house
On walkway to guest house, looking down to main house entrance
Deck chairs on main house deck
Trees coming alive in April
Stepping up to guest house
Flowering trees and covered walk back down to main house
View from the guest house living room
Step out to the walkway
Guest house office
Or back to the bedroom
Partly covered walk
Back outside the guest house
Flowering trees
In the servant's quarters, annunciator for requests from the main house
At the office in the servants' quarters, a Lego creation
Forget me nots, and a pollinating fly
Common blue violets
Western sunflower
Don't know what these flowers are near the bridge
There's the falling water
A bit closer look at the water
Postcard shot

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