We didn't see any tanks on the road. by Willis Chung
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  2. 2011May Tank Museum, Bovington UK2011May Tank Museum, Bovington UK
  3. We didn't see any tanks on the road.We didn't see any tanks on the road.

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Item information:

Taking our first long journey on British Rail
Travelling in extreme comfort
The tea trolley just came through!  Happy!
Alighting at the Wool station
British Challenger tank standing guard outside
The Centurion Crocodile flamethrowing tank from WW II
Front track sprocket from a WW I tank
A German Panther from WW II
A Soviet T-34-85 taking aim at the Panther
US M48 Patton from the Cold War era
The M48 from a slightly different angle
And in the other corner, the Soviet T-72-M1
Can't forget the other contender of the time, the German Leopard
The British Chieftain is a fine looking machine!
A groundhog's view of the Chieftain
US M26 Pershing and a German Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer
Spotlight on a US M60A1
That's going to leave a mark...
British Chieftain Mark 11
Looking out over the turret of the Chieftain Mk 11
A BMP-1 Soviet AFV
Details of the BMP-1 armament
BMP-1 tracks
Front view of a Canadian Leopard C2
Tiger II (King Tiger)
Back to Wool Station
We had some time before the next train, so we strolled a bit towards town
We didn't see any tanks on the road.
Thatched roof!
Great signs.  Didn't have quite enough time to stop in.  Maybe next time!
Back to London, reading about tanks!

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